Wild West Mustang Ranch

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  1. Hey... has anyone been here?!? :shrug:


    it looks like a goldmine for used parts. just wondering if anyone frequents this place. i'm probably going to go there a lot!. hey... its in Woodinville!!! :nice:
  2. It is really good for older cars. I have found some good deals there. But some people have not.
  3. I've gotten a few parts there, especially the ones that are atypical like the bushings on your front sway bar mounts, or door handle plugs. Their prices are sometimes a bit high, but it is always fun to just walk through the yard and see if you can find that little something that you have been missing, but were too lazy to actually order from Late Model Restoration.
  4. There prices are assinine but I don't think it matters anymore.

    They're getting the boot?

    Fitz and mustang ranch are going away. Their properties are being taken away from them. I hear they are giving away rolling mustang chassis at the ranch for less than 500 bucks.
  5. they're getting to boot!?! i'd better get down there and see what i can pick up for my 95 (if they have anything).

    i really need a new headlight plug. Ford doesn't sell them at all.
  6. Where did you hear this?
  7. :eek:

    Whoa, might need to take a trip out there before its gone...
  8. Gear down guys!!! They are moving they are not going out of business. The new sewage treatment plant is going in right there so the land was bought from them and the city is paying to move the companies to where ever they want. Last time I talked to them they had several places in mind!!!


  9. Thanks for the info Shelby.
  10. No Problem, any time!!! :D
  11. Speaking of old cars and such. Do you know where to find good pics of the 1963 mustang II concept?
  12. They were *******s to me, dont wanna tell the whole story but I think they may just been some racists.

  13. Well that is not what I heard but then again that is why they are called rumors and that is why I posted it with a ? mark lol.

    I could care less if they are moving. I wouldn't give them a nickel.
  14. if you have a late model car, going through www.stangparts.com They are located out of Georgia, but they have good prices and there one of if not the largest late model mustang wrecking yards in the country. I've done business with them and they were very good, and I got my parts within 5 days. Not bad.

  15. You're kidding right?

    Don't overpay for mustang parts. They are not Ferraris lol. :lol: :D
  16. I've gotten a few things from the Mustang Ranch, but their prices on some items are OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    They wanted $1200 for stock, used, cloth, 95 GT seats.

    I asked the guy if those were the ones made with solid gold brackets. He did not laugh.
  17. To the best of my knowledge they are closing and not moving. They didn't say any thing about moving. They are telling people coming in that they are closing in 90 days.
  18. I agree w/ GS4LEX...I have to get a part there before desperately.