Wild West Mustang Ranch

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  1. anyone bought anything for a late model stang from there?
  2. Yup. My passenger side seatbelt broke so I bought a new one there.
  3. They told me that they were not moving because they could not find a new place. The prices are waaayyyyy too high. They said that they would not lower prices either even though the county is going to crush everything. Damn shame that they wont have a going out of business sale cause a lot of good stuff is gonna be turned into tuna cans.
  4. That's just like those sick bastards to go down overcharging to their death.:lol:
  5. yeah... i just got a quote from them.

    i'm looking for a headlight loom/plug and they want to sell me the entire harness for $125. i only want the plug so i can splice it in and replace my melted one.

    anyone have a headlight loom/plug for a 95 GT? know where i can get one?
  6. Latemodel Restoration Supply.
  7. go to the wrecking yard in auburn... they have at least one newer model gt there everytime i go with the buddies...
  8. if you guys find a purple wrecked 95 GT, leave it alone!!! those are my parts!!! my buddy wrecked his '95 and it has my filter, coil, and shorties. anyways, I doubt you guys will run into it, I think I'll call these guys up and ask them for a price on a window motor, just to entertain the idea...
    it sure would be nice to open my passenger side window on command.
    a lot of people though I was an ******* when I didn't open the window to say thanks or whatever..
  9. Boo Hoo!

    the Mustang Ranch has been an unfortunate situation for a long time. Back in the early years(1981-84), their prices were fair and the people were easy to work with. As time has passed they became more concerned with high prices than inventory turnover. They have been past the point of ridiculous for a long time now.
    It is unfortunate that they are going to crush all the cars, but I won't shed a tear over their demise and any revenue they lose. If their prices had been fair, they would have been making adequate profit to justify moving.

  10. we all should've rounded up for an intervention.

    or we could've just tied those *******s up and loaded up a truckload of stuff.
  11. It's not too late I don't believe.
  12. for the intervention or the texas holdup?
  13. Well I just got off the phone with the manager of Wild West in Woodinville (Dave) and they are going to close their doors. They are going to try and sell everything they can and are planning to reduce their prices as they get closer to the close date. One of the owners (Mike) is looking at starting an online business selling the left over parts. That is still not a sure thing, it is sad to see a local company like that go out of business. There are not that many "Mustang grave yards" around anymore and I hate to see what will happen to the cars that they would have taken... most of them will end up being crushed unfortunately. I know you guys are a little against them due to prices and some conflicts, but these owners have only been in business for two years. They have done everything in their power to try and rebuild that business and it has taken quite a toll on them. So go out there and see what you can find, they carry everything from 1964 1/2 all they way up to SN95. Remember their prices are for original OEM parts, things you can't find new, that is why they seem so high. I hope this clarifies things a little bit more.


  14. It is funny how things go... I think it is who you talk to sometimes. Two years ago I bought a nearly perfect SVO steering wheel from them for $100 and I got late model quarter windows with great moldings for $125 for the pair. You just never know what you are going to see. I used to go by there regularly. Too bad to hear they will be closing their doors.
  15. hollant where do you live? I live off of 160th and Meridian. I think I have seen your red 93 a time or two.:)
  16. well i just got a quote for $125 for the entire headlight harness. i only need the plug, but they wont well me just that piece.

    so now my though is to try and fix/replace my current light plug. does anyone have any suggestions? thoughts? things to watch out for?

    what if i just replace the plug with 3 straight wire connectors and a make shift plug with a rubber stopper. would that work?
  17. dtas I already gave you options lol read.

    Latemodel restoration supply has that part as far as I know.

    P/N PE644 oh and it's only 8 bucks.

    Their phone number is 1 866 50RESTO

    No wrecking yard worth their weight is gonna let you whack off a plug from a perfectly good wire harness.:)
  18. pretty much no cars parts for 94+, too popular I guess... but they do give you good deals most of the time...
  19. 468LC: thanks! i forgot you had suggested that place before. thanks for the part number too... i just ordered 2 plugs from them (just in case) heck for $5 each i should have ordered 4.
  20. sucks sells the plug for a 9004 light bulb for like 9.95