will 17s work on a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by SammySaleen, May 15, 2004.

  1. Has anyone heard of 17s messing up a V6? When i drive on the highway the car bounces really hard almost out of control. Could that be cause of the wheels or a suspension problem?
  2. Hey im not a genius with cars but im kinda curious why you would think the wheels would affect it that much? sounds to me its more of a suspension problem but i could be wrong.....could also be ur tires tho....ive heard that runflats have a much harsher ride than regular tires...........i love this lil guy........ :banana:
  3. The smaller sidewalls that are on your new tires are much slimmer than the sidewalls that were on your older tires, and they give you a much stiffer ride. The car handles much better but it certainly bounce a lot more.
  4. You mean lower profile tires have thicker walls.

    Anyway, you may need to get an alignment. That would be my first guess.
  5. Hey just as an input i would like to say that on a curve on a higway going over an expansion joint my car will feel as though it is lising control. but ya just need to trust your car and know you are fine. but to answer the question i would say suspension
  6. My car does seem to feel like I'm losing control when I go over expansion joints and open grate bridges.
  7. When I bought 17s for my Mustang I noticed the harsher ride, but I like it that way. I don't like riding in cars that make me sea sick which is how I felt when I was running on 15s. But the thing I'm curious about is that when I take corners fast it feels like it's not gripping enough up front, like it wants to keep going forward without turning. I know I don't have a rear sway bar on my Mustang (it's a 2000) so would that help me out if I had one installed?
  8. Hmmmm in a month or so I plan on buying new wheels.....but i wanted to get 18's.......better idea to get 17's??? but 18's would look much cooler with my calipers
  9. Its always a trade-off on the wheels,
    smaller rims give a better ride, while larger rims give a harsher ride with better handling, and improved looks(opinion) (STATING THE OBVIOUS SHHHH)
    I have 17s on my stang and i love the way it rides and handles. Im getting new tires in the front tommoro, because my current ones are dry and cracked and have little tread left on them :notnice: (the rears were replaced <1 month ago) :banana:
  10. I have 16's on my stang right now (stock) but over the summer i hope to put on the mach 1 wheels i love 'em (they are 17's) also i have a set of cooper ultra z's 245-45 right now and i would get the same tires again i love them they offer great traction front and rear all the time (well except in the rain but hey it's just another trade off) but i would swear by them any day... and they are relatively inexpensive :hail2:
  11. its my g/fs car and she had a friend of the family look at it and he is somewhat certain its the wheels. My guess was the suspension too. The tires could be the problem though. Maybe their over inflated? Just tryin to think of a reason for it not absoring the impact. They also told her that since V6s werent designed for 17s that it would cause these effects. I think once you account for the low pros and compare it to the bigger tire on the stock rims that they ought to be damn close in height.
  12. Your car will not know the difference between 15s and 17s, And if you havent noticed there is plenty of space in there to stuff up to 18 inch rims and tires before running into clearance issues. The ride does get harsher and firmer but along with it comes much improved handling. Your car will tend to follow the road more than before because you have a bigger contact area than previously, you will notice this as a pull when the surface is not completely flat. Be sure to check your tire pressures as an over inflated tire will ride exactly as you described, bouncing all over the road. Try 32 psi if your not there yet. You still havent said what exactly is the size of the rims and tires, that might be helpful. You could have tires that are too wide, or too narrow for the rim.
  13. i have 17's on mine, i love the way it rides..id go with 17's over 18's, well depending really, if u have a faster car, 17's have more rubber around them then 18's would, so u save on tire life with 17's depending on the application and everything, but i have 17's and i love them, they look good and ride fine to me
  14. Put a set of the Bullitt 17's on about a month ago. The handling is a LOT better than before and I haven't noticed the problem you've mentioned. I only regret waiting so long to make the change.