Will 1993 engine & wiring work in 1989?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by straws, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I found a 1989 Convertible where the PO wanted to make a hot rod, and started gutting the engine bay...so there is nothing left (let alone they took the head off and lost several pieces a few years ago). It is a real nice body, interior, and top so I want to save it.

    I found a 1993 running car for parts (garbage body). My question is...I want to know if the wiring is the same between these two cars, and if everything else would bolt up. Both are 5 speed cars.
  2. Not exactly. If you swap everything (there are some differences in the interior, fuse box placement, steering column, etc. between the 89 and 93), then it will work, but you shouldn't try to mix harnesses from different years because there are small differences.

    So, either find an 89 donor, or swap every piece from the 93.
  3. So if the 1989 Vert is good enough, I should just continue and make a v8 swap out of it? The car is good...but I would really like to have original.
  4. Well, it depends. Do you want a 2.3L or a V8? If your end goal is the V8, I wouldn't mess around swapping in anything else. If you want an original 5.0 car, then sell the vert and buy an original 5.0. If you want a daily driver/beater, then swap in an 89 2.3L engine and wiring.