will 275's fit on a 10.5 rim....

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  1. thats it...simple question....thanks:nice:
  2. no, simple answer :nice:
  3. YES i have them on my rear wheels now. They are copletely fine. Although i would go with something much beefier if i were you. I was given the wheels and tires on them, so i couldn't complain. But i would go with like 295s or 315s if i were you. But 275/40/17 is what im running now on my 10.5" '95Cobra R wheels.

  4. ok........do you have pics.....i was just wondering because i would need to mount 275's for a little while....on 10.5 wheels....:nice: ...if i cant than no huge problem......but now 2 different opinions
  5. the first was an opinion, the second was a fact. yes, 275s will fit on a 10.5" wheel, but it will be very small, especially if its a kuhmo, they run smaller. i would go w/ AT LEAST a 295
  6. here's a recent thread with some other opinions of 275s on a 10.5" rim. Yes, apparently they will fit, (this is the first Ive heard of anyone actually running 275s on a 10.5") BUT they will be a stretch and your rim will be a little more exposed succeptable to curb rash. Get at least a 295.


  7. I can't post any pics now because its night time, but helty is right, they rim is exposed a little so they are more suseptable to curb rash. Although 1st off, you shouldn't be hitting curbs :p and secondly, if you're hitting curbs with your REAR wheels, well then you deserve to scuff them up because thats just plain terrible driving!

    So i wouldn't worry abou tit, especially if you're only keeping them on for a short time. But as i said, i have them on my car, 555Rs and they are sticky, even though they are small on the wheel :) 315s would be ideal though!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I see helty made his FOR SALE text larger and more bold! HAHAHAHAHAH
  8. alllrighty then.....the problem was..i just bought 275's....4of them, now i sold my wheels......(the 17x8) and buying new wheels this week, the wheels i want are the fr's with the back being deep dish, but i dont want to buy all new tires again.......(i see helty is having a fun time trying to unload his)......so i figure i can run what i have for a while, then go 315's for the rear.....

    thanks for the help///:SNSign: :SNSign: :nice:
  9. you're telling me. People want you to practically give them the damn things. Ive had serious offers of $125! They're BRAND F'kin NEW! :rolleyes:

    I have had some decent offers though, $250 by several people. Thing is I dont NEED to sell them, just wondered if I could get a real good offer to minimize the loss. Anyway, dont give them away, someone will make you a respectable offer :nice:
  10. yup.........i pretty much gave my wheels away..........400 for all 4.........but hey......while i have you........want 4 sumitomo hrz 275/40/17's..........make ya a good offer....:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  11. well with shipping having to be included, if they offer more than 250 they might as well buy from somewhere else. I know I got my nitto's from discount tire direct for 300 shipped.
  12. shipping included was less than $300. Now stfu before you ruin my pending sale :mad:


    actually its a local guy whos wanting them, so no shipping involved. I got em from discount tire too and it was $300 + shipping. $145/tire + $10 service charge (wtf?) and shipping.
  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: ...................i'll even trade ya.......:rlaugh: :rlaugh: