Will 315-35-17's FIT

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  1. Hey stangbangers....i have a lil issue with rim and tire fitment. i new here and i desperately need help. I have a 97 cobra and i jus purchased the 03 style chrome 5 spoke wheels 17x9 front...17x10.5 rear. im lowering my car with the eibach pro kit and before i buy my tires i need to know if the 315-35-17 will fit without having to roll my fender or remove my quad shocks? i do not want to roll my quarter panel or remove my quad shocks. if i have to do either of those for 315's then thats not the tire for me and it being lowerd will those wheels still fit if not what would be the best tire size for the rear thank you all for your time !
  2. should fit great, lots of people on here running that setup no problem
  3. 315's FTW!!!!!
  4. I'm running 315/35/17s out back, and 275/40/17's up front on a 10.5" and 9" wide wheels. My car is pretty much slammed, and I have only rubbed my front tire on the swaybar at full lock, but that's because of my 275s. I can guarantee this combo for 99-04s for sure. I had 335s in the rear on my last car, and they occasionally rubbed the quad shocks, so I just flipped them upside down. Worked perfect!
  5. I have that issue..
    So if I flip the quad shock upside down, they will work fine?

    Mines a 95, but I have 315s in the rear, Im rolling the wheel wells this weekend. They grind rarely, and i haven't even lowered it yet. Springs are going on this weekend too.
    You should be fine.
    You might want to get the sumitomo HTZ tires though, they aren't as wide as the Nitto 555s or the MT's. Dont ask me why, I was thinking that 315 was 315 no exception, but I have been told that the ones I have aren't quite as wide.

    Good luck.
  6. i think sumi's run fat, i have 315 in my rear, and there huge!!!, like 12 inches of tread..........
  7. My Sumitomos were actually much narrower than my previous BFGoodrich Drag Radials were...
  8. I have a friend with a 97 vert lowered and he ran 335's out back. I do not think he had to mess with the fender but did flip the quad around
  9. Awesome ppl !! seriously thank you all for your support i will buy the 315's then and turn the quads around and "massage" the fenders a lil so they dont rub. you guys are great thanks again +1 everybody
  10. You shouldn't have to flip the quad shocks for the 315's...I didn't and don't have problems...if you go bigger than that, you may have to...but not with just the 315's..
  11. i could be wrong...cause its being lowerd a inch and a half will that make it worse
  12. You can go with a 285/40-17 if your worried that's what I did with 10.5s. There not quite a big as the 315's but they don't look out of place.

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  13. Hey Guys im thinking of doing this too. Not to Hijack or anything buy why do the tire packages sold seem to have a lower profile in the rear than the front???

    Example = 315/35/17s back, and 275/40/17's Front

    Is this required?? i can lift my rear 2" from stock location with my granatelli adjustable rear arms. Doesn't having a larger profile up front look a little funny?
  14. the short answer: they are both about the same diameter

    the long answer: the profile is expressed as a percentage of the width; so a wider tire will need a "shorter" profile number to have the same overall height as a narrow tire :cool: