Will 4 cyl. rear springs work on my 302 rear

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  1. Hello it's been awhile since I've been on here.
    My 302 77 coupe 8" rear needs rear springs anyway, will the ones off a 4 cyl. 75 Ghia 6.75" rear work? I don't yet know if there any good, I have'nt gotten them off the car yet, but just asking ahead of time. It should'nt be hard getting them off as theres nothing but rust holding them on.

    The 4 cyl. ghia I've been parting on ebay. I bought this car for parts for mine, and then parting the rest to help fund my II project. This poor little car, the floor is rusted out, the trunk is rusted out, the quater panels have seen better days. When I went to pick this car up I talked to the gentlemen about it, it spent several years in Ohio and then driven back here to NC and parked. It has been used as a storage area for other II parts as well, interior parts of different colors, extra windows, 5 slot mag wheels that are rusted beyond repair.

    I needed the windshield out of it for mine. While removing it, it was SO CLOSE to being out, then POP, 2 cracks down the center. So anyway, I still need to find another windshield.
  2. Yes

    Rust generally makes things very difficult to get off. You might want to reach for the extra long breaker bar. A little trick I keep around is a 2 foot long piece of pipe that fits nicely over the end of my breaker bar. Give me a wrench long enough and I could move the world.

    I used a screwdriver to pop the trim off around my front window. Of course, I put a crack down the center of the windshield. A new one cost me a whole lot of jibjabbing from every shadetree mechanic that stopped by AND it cost my Dad $300.

  3. Getting the nuts off of it is'nt going to be fun at all, your right, but getting it off the car, I'm assuming as soon as I start applying force to it, it's gonna be out. I mean this undercarriage is so brittle, I could probably use a pry bar and pop it outa there.
    I have a piece of pipe I use as a cheater bar already. Once it's out I'll have to clamp it in the vice and grab the torch.
  4. Just get a new windshield. Anything closing in on 30 years is going to be brittle and probably full of little nicks. A new one cost me 150$ carry out last fall. They are still availible new. With installation it was like 165$.
  5. One more question. If I use the front coil springs out of the 4 cyl. in my v8 will that let my front end sit a little lower? Will it have any adverse effects on the handling?

    cobraii351, I called around for a quote on a new windshield installed, and the cheapest one was $380.00
    Where did you get yours? If there a national chain then I can check with them. Thanks

  6. Not unless you plan on driving it the front end will be on the ground

    If you need springs get a new set fox body cut 1.5-2 coils off 60-70- bux
  7. I got my glass through Diamond Auto Glass. I checked there is a dealer in your area. Get a quote through them. I know I didn't pay that much. I'll see if I still have the invoice just to confirm what I did pay. They willl even give you a quote online. Here is the # to call them also, 18002344527.
  8. thanks for the info cobraii351.