Will '99 Gauge Cluster fit into a '96 Stang?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by -Xavier-, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. I wanted some of the '99+ Gauges in my car and I was wondering if they would fit in a '96. Here is what it would be like:


    Or, just putting in some new white faced '99 gauges. Click link for picture:


    Do you think the '99 Stang gauges would fit in a '96 Stang?
  2. Don't take chances with a gauge pod off of eBay. For one thing, I know that the speedo is electronically controlled in the 99+, where as the SN95's are mechanically controlled, so that won't work. Same goes for the odometer and trip odometer. You'd be better off just getting white-faced gauges!
  3. yes it will fit, but it wont work, unless you only mean the bezel then i feel pretty sure it will work totaly fine, the actual gauges them selves will not work.
  4. but otherwise you could buy a nice 35th aniversary bezel, and white face gauges, like i did for my 95
    (that was right after i installed them, i then went back and fixed the fuel gauge...)
  5. Where can I get those white faced gauges at?

    Would just getting the '99+ gauges work instead of the whole cluster?
  6. i cant answer ure second question, because im stupid
    i cant find them on ebay, because they are going 'out of style' or sumthing (bull) people like the 'el glow' bs better, so you can get them direct form MAC
    and for the question you didnt ask, you can get the 35th aniv gauges off ebay
    meanwhile i payed around 20 for each, because they were cheaper... like... 3 months ago, lol, but they look DAMN good combined.
  7. i wired up a set of the cheap ebay ones on a friends car, the power inverter or what ever whines cuz its cheap....

    just be leary of what you buy and make sure the seller has alot of good sells. I just have peal and stock mac white face gauges, took off oem and put on new ones.