Will a 4.6 4v fit?

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  1. Looking for a project. Something of a restmod. My question is: Will a 4v 4.6 fit in a 65-68 stang? I heard of a TKO t-56 fitting in the tunnel of those years but what of the 4.6 4v engine? Any insights is greatly appreciated.
  2. This question would be better answered in the Classics Forum.

    And FWIW....yes, anything can be made to fit.

    I recall a late 60's Yellow fast back with a complete '03 Cobra power/drive train in on old MM&FF issues a couple of years back.
  3. Yep, I recall that yellow one too...and there have been other classic Stangs with modern 2V and 4V power.
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    sure once you chop out the shock towers...otherwise no...with the one exception of the RRS tower notching/coilover kit

    p.s. there is also one guy who did major chasis surgery to fit the entire front clip from a Mark VIII into a classic mustang(not sure how he mounted the fenders though)

    p.s.s. the T56 will not fit a 65-66 without tunnel cutting, I hear it will fit a 67-68, I know my T45 barely fit the 66 without any mods...but I went to extreme lengths to get the engine as low as possible(I still notched the stock crossmember to gain more clearance though(I use a SN95 crossmember to mount the tranny fitted to brackets I welded to my frame rails)
  5. Hi,I'm the guy that did the '67 conversion. Actually it was the whole chassis from a '95 t-bird. It is all heavily modified and as much of it as possible is blended to or hidden by 67 mustang panels,or just customised. The fenders are mounted on custom made fender aprons,a very ingenious way of doing it is all my buddies creation. Even my body guy with 30 years of custom work was impressed by the simplicity.
    Anyway the 4v will fit those years. Before '67 the entire shock towers have to come out,and a mustang II type suspension is best. '67 & '68 I believe just the lower portion has to be trimmed,and I'm not sure if you can still use the stock suspension. But you can go with a mustang II or fatman fabrications has a set up that uses a coilover struts with SN95 suspension and braking upgrades. A call to DVS restoration will answer any questions.

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