Will A 93 Cobra Rear Bumper Fit In A 90 Gt?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Evan Strader, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone i'm new on here and have a question. I got a good deal on a SS magnaflow exhaust system for an lx, but i drive a 90 gt. Because i like the straight exhaust tips for the lx i wanted to keep the system and install a 93 cobra bumper instead. Just wanted to know if anyone has ever done this, and if it worked. Thanks!
  2. Yes, it is a common swap. You will need to extend the rear exhaust hangers a little bit for the LX exhaust to work with your cobra bumper.

    Here is a picture of a GT with Cobra GFX and rear bumper...
  3. actually you dont need to extend the hangers. Here,s my GT with Cobra rear bumper and Flowmaster 3" tailpipes, unmodified. They just tuck up a bit more, which I prefer

  4. rear shot from above


    Seriously, I may have to upgrade my LX after these pics. I always wanted the fog light switch to do something, so the whole kit would be cool.
  6. well at least its a tight arse
  7. Thanks for the info and the pics. It sounds like its up to me if i want to extend the exhaust hangers.
  8. 1 vote no
  9. It probably depends somewhat on the exhaust system I suppose. On my LX project the exhaust physically touches the bumper, so I will have to extend the hangar.
  10. You may need slightly longer hangars on the tailpipes to clear the bumper. It will depend on the system. I'd recommend a little bit of a gap to avoid warping the bumper. I've seen this happen when tailpipes are too physically close to the bumper and heat it up