will a dead mouse keep other mice away?

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  1. i was in the 65 coupe today..heard something running around in the headliner area..oh chit.
    i tapped on the thing to try to get the thing to run out..i think i tapped to hard it quit moving..
    now i will probably have a dead mouse in my headliner. ahhh man...which who knows maybe in time it will cause a hole in the liner from toxic waste..but also made me wonder will other mice smell death and stay the hell away..or will the smell drive me away..oh chit...i hate meeces to pieces.....i dont really hate them..just what they do to my stuff....i actually had pet rats for awhile
    loved them..but mice they stink..
  2. Get that mouse out NOW!!! That thing will stick up your stang somethin aweful.
  3. I've heard dryer sheets will work ...

    you could put down some Decon pellets ... and hope they don't crawl back in your car to die ...

    I've also heard those little varmits don't like cedar ... while I keep cedar blocks in the car, I've been lucky enough NOT to have that problem ... not saying thats what kept them away tho ...
  4. i can get some cedar easily.
  5. Seriously, get the vermin out.
  6. yes i think i will think of a way to get that thing out probably have to take the headliner lose in front somehow..now that is the hard part..not ripping something over 40 years old in the process..oh chit.. might need suggestions here also on how to do that without making things worse.. i doubt if i will take the front windshield out at this point ,,i will think on this
  7. Has anyone ever tried the things you plug in that supposedly keep mice away (they make some high pitched noise)? Gonna try those this year. As for the mouse-no a dead mouse will probably not keep others away. We just bought a Bronco and found that there was a mouse/mice, which is hopefully gone. Made the carpet was stinky :p
  8. but..putting the mustang part aside for awhile......will dead mice keep living mice away seriously? opps i just read the above post..dont know how to delete this one sorry..
  9. It doesn't work in barns, so I doubt it works in cars.
  10. i started working on it today..opened the liner from the drivers side no problem..
    pulled out a sqeaking baby mouse..
    mommy mouse was still alive..
    i did not have the heart to kill the baby i put it in the grass hope momma comes for it..which i know it will die.. now i am thinking of putting a trap in the headline for a day or two..lol it will be a tight fit it it fits at all...momma get the hell outta there now...the headliner is ok..but some of my insulation stuff is toast..no smell though..i am glad i opened it up..this is still a work in progress
  11. New Zealand and Welsh mice smell the worst. It's a good thing you live in Kansas.
  12. I found 2 dead mice in my Fastback when i got it and two big nests. i also found explosives stuff around the wheel wells in the rear.
  13. i think i did the mice a favor..it turned really hot today again..and the stang is parked outside for now...i reached up into the headliner...it was toasting in there.
    would of been toasted mice...
    i will have to put the car out of the sun soon it this keeps up....and chit i see rust i need to fix again.....needs quarters bad..i have did skins on two other stangs. and i only did a fair job at that...but this is all i have to drive for now...
  14. Well, dryer sheets and Irish spring are supposed to keep mice away. I also know that human hair will keep them away as well. I live out in the country and usually cut my own hair with a set of electric shears and a #1 or #2 guard. I put the hair just to the outside of the garage door rail as thats where they used to come into my garage. The dryer sheets work as well, but you have to replace them as they loose their potentcy and then the mice just use them for nesting material. I haven't tried the Irish Spring yet.
  15. on a side note. I shot a mouse with a fire hose the other day. It ran out of a burning shop.

    I figured he was hot and needed to cool down.
  16. i bet that poor thing went flying..
    my mice are gone for now..i will keep a watch on them..i did the hair thing ..and am monitoring things and but the stang back in the shed..