will a stock 5.0 beat a stock 4.6?

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  1. ??? or a stock 5.0 vs's 99+ gt?
  2. a stock 88+ lx 5 speed "could" take out a 99+
  3. very novice driver in a 99-04gt vs a pro in a 88 lx coupe 5speed and im sure the coupe would nose out....
  4. 180hp (5.0) vs 260 (4.6)... wieght is a factor but I say 4.6 wins stock for stock.
  5. both are 14 second cars in stock form, though a "stock" 5.0 would be 15+ years old today so I doubt it'd have the kick that it once had ;)
  6. 87-93 5.0's put out 225hp, 96-98 gt 215-225hp, 99-04 gt's 260hp. I think the 5.0's have like 10 foot pounds of torque more than the 4.6's. But they are much lighter especially a notch so it could be a close race. The chances of running into a bone stock 5.0 these days is very unlikely though.
  7. A LX coupe could take a 99+ GT... the LX hatch and GT are less likely, especially the heavier GT.

  8. try 225 is what the stock 5.0's were rated at 87-92:p
  9. Nope, given equal drivers the 99' up GT will walk all over a 5.0
    I've had a few 5.0 LX's [still own a 91' LX] at the same time as I've owned my 98' GT. The stock 5spd 5.0 will just edge out the stock 98' in the 1/4, 14.89 vs 14.91. The 5.0 GT's usually run very high 14's-low 15's.

  10. I think it depends on the car really, now granted you said stock, my old 91 gt 5 spd with just an h-pipe and flow's ran 14.2 at 100 mph with stock 2.73 gears, I also had a stock 92 notch that was auto, now that ran 15.3 at 91 but it was stone stock auto with 2.73s
  11. depends But I'd put my money on the foxbody.
    I know for a fact my buddies bone stock down to the tires 92 lx hatch 5spd on his first trip to the track with 120K on the motor went a 8.81 in the 1/8th. The quickest bone stock 99+ car I've seen there was a 9.1's.
  12. I've gotten pretty good times with my LX when running DR's [[email protected]] but just could never get it to hook very well with regular street tires. Granted the track here is at 2000ft above sea level. I never tried running the 98' when it was stock with the DR's but I'm thinking the two wouldn't be as close as with street tires on both.
    Oh, the 98' has stock 3.27's and the LX has 2.73's.
  13. A stock LX coupe with a 5 speed is capable of high 13's. Most stock 99+ GT's seem like they are 14-14.4 or so. Mine went 9 flat in the 1/8th, so comparitivley to what BooWFO is saying, the notch is 2 10ths quicker than I in the 1/8th mile.
  14. No. My turd 96 GT convertible was taking out 87-93 gt hatchback light after light. Only mod i had was flowmaster catback.
  15. Cause GT's were the heaviest Fox's, most of them ran a 14.8-15 flat stock with a 5 speed, and mid 15's or worse auto.

    An LX coupe like squares is talking about is a ton lighter.

    Ive driven one and it feels faster than my GT.
  16. I've owned enough 5.0's to know that a 99+ will beat a 5.0. The 99+ just has alot more pull above 3k rpm than the other 4.6's and the 5.0's also. Considering equal driver, perfect conditions, both 5 spds, brand new off the show room floor, 99+ takes it in my experience.
    A notchback would put up the best numbers, but the 99+ just run pretty good for a tiny 2V.

    My 99 Limited is defonantly quicker than the 4 5.0's i've had. No bias either, I love the 5.0 as much as anyone.
  17. In the 4.6 forum? No.
    In the 5.0 forum? Yes.

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