Will a subwoofer fix my problem?

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  1. A while ago I posted that my 5.25" components weren't bassy enough. In fact, my stock speakers sounded better and I've even running these off an aftermarket 4-channel amp. I tried everything everyone suggested to fix the problem, specifically the lack of bass. I put insulation in my door panels, made stronger baffles for the speakers, etc. However, I still don't have optimum sound. Does anyone think adding one 12" sub to the setup will clear the problems? It'd be a 400 watt rms Rockford sub powered by a 400 rms amp. Or should I just get some 6X8" speakers and ditch the 5.25's?
  2. I havent read what everyone suggested but I can say from experience that my 5.25 speakers are deffinitely pretty bright. You can adjust the gain and the x-cover on your amp and that should help some. Also, if you are using a component set, try mounting the tweeter so it dosent face right at you. That can make them sound bright as well.

    Adding a 12" sub will compensate for the lack of really low frequency sound and sould make an imporvement. You wont notice a huge difference in midbass though which is what I think you are lacking in. Play with your settings on the amp.

    If all else fails, I am using a set of Infinity Kappa perfect 6" 2 ways. They are much more full sounding thatn my 5.25s.
  3. Your only solution for what you want is a subwoofer. Go with an 8" or 10" sealed sub if you want nice tight bass that isn't huge. To bring the block down go with a 10" to 12" ported setup (tuned correctly of course)
  4. Same prob with my buddies 93 cobra, Infinity speakers all around with components, sounded nice but no bass (of course)
    2 10's in a sealed box and an amp, nice fill and not too bass'y. Your not going to get good freq. response on your lows with little 5.25 speakers, and the coaxil speakers in the back are just for rear fill, they wont produce any bass. Get some subs and you'll be happy, even one 8 would make you happy
  5. I agree, replacing stock speakers with better ones will not increase the bass tremendously. This can only be done by adding an amp and subs. Here is mine. A sealed box with 2 10" subs and amp. Cost approximately $450. It just depends on what brand and the install or do it yourself.
  6. Smaller componant speakers are just not able to produce much bass. Several audio write ups that I have read suggest speakers of this size will not produce much of anything below 70 to 80 Hz at any amount of volume. They suggest setting your high pass filter no lower than 70 Hz and backing up the system with a sub.