Will a SVO/supercoupe t5 work on a 2.3L na mustang

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  1. So I want to convert my 1992 2.3 auto mustang to a manual. Im not having any luck finding a 4 banger t5 around here. Found an SVO/supercoupe t-5 for $250, my question is...will it work with my mustang? I know the A4LD trannies dont seem to last too long and want to get a jump start before the A4LD takes a crap on me.
    Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Is the transmission out of a SVO or a Supercoupe? Two totally different vehicles with two totally different engines. The SVO transmission and bellhousing will bolt right up, the SVO runs a 2.3. The Supercoupes run a 3.8.
  3. Ok, im going to try to get in touch with him. If its out of a turbo t bird, would it work?

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  4. Ok, I got a hold of the seller, its a t-5 out of an 87 super coupe.

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  5. 87 is a Turbo Coupe, 89-95 are Super Coupes. One is turbo charged, one is supercharged.

    So, the question is will the Turbo Coupe T-5 bolt up properly in the Mustang, which I believe the answer is yes, but I will wait for someone who has done the swap to confirm.
  6. I had him look up part no. He came back with 155, which I googled and the search results cime up with 1352-155. A t5 out of a turbocoupe. So it might be just what im looking for.
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  7. If it is from a turbcoupe it will bolt right up, they are 2.3 turbos, you may need to get all the parts for hydraulic clutch depending on year. Supercoupes are not a bolt on affair, the supercoupe is a 3.8 V6 not a 2.3, completely different engines with completely different bellhousing patterns. Ask the seller to go out and count the cylinders if there are 6 then its a 3.8, if there are 4 it is a 2.3 and will work.
  8. Thanks for the info 293stang, hes askin $250 for it. Maybe I could pick it up for $200.

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  9. Im wonderin if a 5.0 T5 crossmember is the same as 4 cylinder one???

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  10. You'll need the turbo coupe's (or of course a 2.3 or 5.0 manual mustang's) cross member. The Auto one will not work.