Will a tune help

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  1. To start this off I have only a few mods to the car. BBk LT headers O/R H pipe thunder flowmasters. Intake spacer and now 24lb inj with a 75 MM mass air. Now I was running 14.2 in the 1/4 at 98 I pulled the codes on the car about 2 years ago it said the Mass air was bad. The car ran 14.2 with the mass air pluged in or not. So yea to me its bad. Well a few weeks ago I replaced it with a 75 MM unit and 24 lb inj. IN all the car runs better and much smother. Yet tonight I took it back to the track WOW still 14.2 at 98. I would have thought someitng would have changed. With the new meter I put in a cold air intake too. So 75 MM 24lb inj and cold air the car runs the same as it did befor. Am i missing something. Any ideas would be great .A friend says i need to have the car tuned since i have bigger inj kinda looking for more input
  2. As far as I understand, you wouldn't see that much gain with a bigger MAF and injectors. My question to you is if the MAF is calibrated to help the injectors? If so, you wouldn't need a tune. If the MAF is calibrated, when it sees the airflow, the computer will just push more fuel. That's why you can plug and play with these parts and not need a tune. Will it do you no good? No, I think it could help. But I don't know that you'd see much for the $400 you'd be spending.
  3. Thanks I guess its the part that it dont matter at all that the mass air dont work I run the same with it unpluged. 14.2 with the stock inj and mass air pluged up and the same with it unpluged same with the new 75mm and the 24lb inj runs 14.2 pluged in and unpluged. same 60foot same trap speed everything. I know this cant be right casue if it was we would all just remove the mass air.

    Yes the meter is calibrated to the 24lb inj.
  4. Well, you should be going faster....how're your tires? Good shape? Maybe the problem isn't under the hood?