Will Aftermarket GT h-pipe work?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Green93LX, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. I am trying to find out if any of the o/r h-pipes will bolt up to my stock headers. I have a '96 v-6 with an automatic. I already have 2.5" flowmasters that will be put back on with dumps. But can I get a used h-pipe from any of the GT's to put on in place of my 4 cat (with custom h) that is rusting away? If not what mods would be required to do so?

  2. So you want to put an H-pipe on your stock exhaust? correct?

    ...any 2.5" h-pipe or x-pipe (for short tube headers) will bolt up to your factory headers & short tube direct fit headers. :nice: and once the pipe is on you can get any GT exhaust you want you'll just need to adjust the hangers.
  3. So i could get an o/r h-pipe for say a '96 - '98 GT and have it bolt right up to my headers? replacing hangers is no problem, mine are all rusted and broken anyway. Just trying to find a cheap alternative to buying a new hpipe.

    Thanks alot
  4. Do they fit the stock manifolds? I know the GT H-pipes made for '99-'04 models will not fit '99-'04 V6 models.
  5. Yeah thats exactly what i was thinking? Because I have a brand new H pipe from an 04 GT that I thought would work but everyone told me it wasnt going to so i never bothered putting it in. So I am curious to know if it would or not.
  6. I really can't afford to waste the money, and I cant find one for a v-6 used or cheap, so if anyone knows, please help.
  7. Can you have the custom H-pipe section of your midpipe replaced? That would be the cheapest route. Supposedly you can have a GT H-pipe custom bent to fit your stock manifolds, but I don't know how much that would cost (in addition to the cost of the H-pipe itself).
  8. I will be putting my GT take off from my 04 and putting them on my sons 04V6 is a couple of weeks. I will take photo's and post them on my web site. :)
  9. I'm pretty sure a GT h-pipe will fit on a V6 with a 2.5" dual exhaust set-up
  10. So your going to tell me that I could have the H-Pipe i have rusting away in my closet fit on my car but i listen to u ppl and never bother......... You guys suck....lol But its good to know so I can put it on in the future if i upgrade from the GT-Takeoffs.
  11. :D

    Yeah, you can use it.

    Aslong as you have a 2.5" dual exhaust set-up you can use it.
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  14. Give me the e-mail address, and ill send them an e-mail real quick. Maybe they operate by if we get more than *Blank* e-mails about something maybe we will open 1.

    By the way i had the drive shaft fixed. they just pulled it off and pulled the ring off and its fine now. lol. but The drive shaft comes off so easily its only held in by like 5 bolts and slides out so now i have more motivation to get an aluminum one, since i know how easy it is to install :D
  15. :nice: go for it


    That's the web-site... not a whole lot to it, but go ahead and shoot them an e-mail if ya think it'll work.
  16. when my car was a v6, the stock gt h pipe WOULD NOT fit on the v6 manifolds....they have a different width and I had to get it custom fitted....I do not know about other years...but 96-96 gt pipes WILL NOT fit on a v6 header...
  17. Well im selling the H-pipe to a buddy with another 6. I really need the cash, kinda in a tough spot but thats a different story. So im selling it to him for $50, and my question is, aftermarket exhaust systems from GT's will bolt up to the stock GT H-Pipe right?