Will an 03/04 stock supercharger fit on an 99/01

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Dope 97GT, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. I was just wondering what mods I would have to do to fit the stock 03/04 supercharger to an 99/01. My friend has an 03:hail2: and he is installing a new supercharger and im about to buy a 99 cobra vert in the spring and if he still had it how much work would it be to install if at all possible.
  2. It will fit, but only after obtaining numerous parts to go along with the supercharger itself (read: extensive parts list). It might be cheaper to purchase an aftermarket supercharger kit for your '99 instead of trying to piece together a 03/04 system.

    Also, try running a search since this topic has come up several times in the past...
  3. thanks i will do that i just was gonna get the supercharger for nothin but if it costs too much i will prolly just go N/A
  4. You'll need a WHOLE BUNCH of parts off his '03 to make it work. Problem is your buddy also needs those same parts to make his new supercharger work. It's a HELL of a lot more complicated than just bolting his Eaton onto your Cobra.

  5. good to know...thanks guys and cant wait to join in on the SVT fun in the spring and i gotta have a vert:nice:
  6. ohh ya the 03-04s have different style heads different bolt pattern i belive also youll need the whole asesory drive system.cheaper to but a vortech or paxton