Will an H-pipe and Borla Stingers sound good on a 04 Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by CSG99GT, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. I was just noticing that most people are using X-pipes on the 03 and 04 Cobras. I dont like the X-pipe sound at all, I love the H-pipe sound. I am buying the Stinger cat-back system soon and was going to put an off road H on it. Does anybody have this set-up and if so how does it sound? Thanks guys!
  2. The best sound is the SLP LOUDMOUTH... Well Borla are not bad too!
  3. Try mustangexhaust.com. They have tons of sound clips of different set-ups.
    I think you should try to hear the setup in person though to see if you like it. :D
  4. I hope you like your exhaust LOUD! The O/R H coupled with either the SLP or the Stingers is going to be LOUD! Did I mention that this combo will be LOUD? Oh, and one last thing.... ah nevermind...