Will an h-pipe from 97 Cobra fit my 03?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by VampCobra, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. I have an 03 10th anniv convertible... I'm definitely looking to modify the exhaust but not quite sure what I want to do yet... A friend of mine has an h-pipe that he took off his 97 Cobra when he sold it... Would that h-pipe fit my 03 and would this be a good way to go? I really loved the sound of his old Cobra and am looking for the same.... Plus an added bonus is that I can have the h-pipe for free....
  2. MRT and MAC both make H-pipes that fit the 03's...although your friends H-pipe might fit if it's an o/r pipe without cats...it'd be worth trying to see if it fits...
  3. i was thinking of trying my old H-pipe from an 87-93 stang on my 96 cobra, donno if it will work!
  4. the H-Pipe from a 97 Cobra should fit the 03 Cobra. The H-Pipe from a 87-93 Stang WILL NOT fit a 96 Cobra
  5. My BBK O/R H-pipe on my cobra did not fit the 99+ stock exhaust manifolds. Other mid pipes might work though. I bought a VRS X-pipe when my H-pipe would not fit my 99 cobra motor, I then used the same X-pipe when I had my motor built using stock 03 cobra exhaust manifolds.
    IronMedic A 87-93 pipe will not work at all on a 96+ cobra due to the passenger exhaust manifold using a flange with a gasket instead of the ball and socket connection.
  6. Unfortunately, it won't. I had a '97 and the H-pipe has a support section that bolts to the transmission crossmember. The H-pipe on my '03 does not. Also, the pipes have different bends in them.
  7. ah cool deal, so i dont have to try putting the 89 GT h-pipe on my 96 :)