Will BBK LTs fit MAC O/R H?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by horsesnake, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. I haven't purchased the BBK LTs yet but if they'll fit my MAC H I'll buy them over MAC LTs...
  2. I would NOT even consider MAC LTs - too many blown engines due to slag being left behind. Even if they've straightened their act out, I woulnt buy anything MAC, because of the way theyve screwed so many people. Sorry, just my .02

  3. To answer your question, the BBK LT's do not match up to the MAC h-pipe, the Prochamber that is. You can do a search on this and there is a picture of them sitting together with a few inch offset between the two of them. I did this research back in August when I got my BBK LT's, I went with the BBK off road h-pipe and I like them just fine :nice:
  4. Is the BBK off road H-pipe available in 3 inch diameter?
  5. Nope, only 2 1/2"
  6. I'm pretty sure with any LT headers you will need a shorter x or h pipe specifically made for LTs.
  7. no long tubes fir with any stock h pipe
  8. Yup, what he said.
  9. dosent anyone want to consider mid lengths,, if just for the fact that they dont block your trans???
  10. My Hookers don't block the tranny...
  11. i was under the impression they all did..
  12. Nope, Hookers and Kooks headers both allow for removal of the tranny without taking out one of the headers...
  13. How much are Hooker headers? approx?
  14. Jegs, Summit and a few other places usually have them for around $650-700 for the ceramic coated headers only...

    I bought mine used for $450 and that included the matching o/r x-pipe