Will bullitts fit the lincoln rotors?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by NOLEMONS4U, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. If i do a 5 lug conversion on a 91 will bullitt wheels fit the lincoln rotors or will I have to use 94-95 spindle assy. or is there any other problems I might encounter.Thanks
  2. They have the same bolt pattern, but the dust cap on the Lincoln rotors sticks out too far and you wont be able to use the center caps for the wheels. I think you may have rubbing problems if you dont use spacers up front too.
  3. using longer studs and 15/16th inch spacers will clear the dust cover
  4. I was in the middle of the swap you are doing when I found out that only the newer rims with a center cap will clear the dust cover. Rims like 99 cobras and bullitts wont, but using spacers and then needing longer wheel studs, I should clear. I'll let you know. You have to press out the old studs and then press in the longer ones. The only ones I found are moroso but they require drilling out the holes a little. you can do it or a rearend shop or a machine shop. When you buy the rotors get them without the ABS unless you need it because they are hard to get off. If you need ABS dont do the lincoln rotors with Bullitt rims cause youll never get that ABS thing back on
  5. Have you tried putting the rotor in a lathe and turning down the hub slightly (where the dust cap fits) to give clearance for the cap?
  6. It is not the rotor, it is the spindle! You going to turn that down to?

    you can mount the wheel on the rotor just fine as long as the unit is not installed on the spindle.

    Use the Sn95 spindles for the 96+ 17" GT wheels.
  7. Hes not talking about the newer mustang spindle conversion. He is talking about using the lincoln brakes. Yes you can just bolt the rims on but you cant use the center cap because the dust cover will stick out farther than the rim practically. Use spacers and longer studs to push the rim out away from the dust cover.
  8. SmockDoiley, no kidding? (sarcasm)

    It is the spindle that is the issue with the lincoln rotors, not the rotors. It is all the same thing since they have to be used together. Why do you think you have such a tall dust cap? hrm, it is what is under that called the spindle? yeah, it is.
  9. Yeah, the spindle thats on the mustang. Since you cant grind down the spindle and the rotor, you just have to use spacers. But actually, at least for 99 Cobras, it IS the rotor. The rotor wont even fit all the way unto the rim because of the lip for the center cap of the rim. There was no choice for me, I had to install spacers and longer studs for me to install 99's. Even if I didnt care about the dust cap sticking out and having no center cap, I still couldnt fit the rim onto the rotor. I dont know if Bullitts are the same way, but sarcasm is not appreciated when you are wrong.