Exhaust Will Cats Help Kill Drone?

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  1. Not Felix Domesticus. A BBK 2.5" Catalytic convertor x pipe. I have an off road x pipe with super turbo mufflers and a low RPM drone that is louder than a Siamese with its tail stepped on. It actually seems quieter under a heavy foot than at cruise. Will the new cats help kill the drone and how much will it quiet it down overall?
    PS The new seat covers turned out great, I will get pics. But the new driver's seat foam is taller than the piled up stuff they had under the driver's hind end before. Would a couple of bags of water softener salt on a towel in the driver's seat when I park it be a good way to get back some head room?
  2. Cats will help quiet the exhaust note quite a bit. With a catted midpipe and ST mufflers I believe most, if not all, of the drone would be eliminated.

    Unfortunately, there are countless exhaust combinations so finding someone that has the exact setup is hard.
  3. Yes - I guess at some point I got old and vowed never to do another exhaust without at least 1 high flow cat in each pipe. In my opinion, the best mufflers out there. I've tried chambered mufflers, "glasspack" style straight throughs or bullets, turbos, H's, X's, expensive high flow Xovers, ProChambers, long tubes, mid lengths, everything. Nothing gets rid of the annoying tinny rasp sound like high flow aftermarket cats.
  4. Not even a little bit.
  5. I've been running open factory cats, well, stock spec cats, and the drone they put out is horrible!!! It sounds good from outside, but right around 2k rpm, it's deafening!
  6. I have cats with 2 chamber flowmasters and it drones pretty good. not sure how it compares to yours.
  7. Oops, guess I was thinking more of stock cats, not necessarily high flows.