Will cobra brakes fit in my wheels?

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  1. You are right about the purplish color. Sometimes in the right light my car does look almost purple. Then in bright sunlight it almost looks white.
  2. brakes are in. they're sitting in my foyer. my friend/mechanic's away on vacation this week.

    anyone know numbers for SMC in '98? lots and lots of metallic flake in it, i'll see if i can get a decent shot of it tomorrow.
  3. I have mine too. Might install them Sunday
  4. installed! and they make a huge difference! i'm not used to having pedal feel if i just tap the brakes!

    anyways, is there any place that sells a rear kit also?

  5. I got mine installed as well over the weekend. You are right. I've already been in a panic stop situation and it was no sweat. Car slows right down!

    BuyFordRacing sells the rears too for $175. Summitt might price match and then you might get cheaper shipping.


    You can use your GT rear calipers and pads with some slight modifications.

    Downside is you need to pull the rear axles. I already have the kit, just unsure if i want to do the install

  6. just do the brakes when you install a gear and while your at it put in some new axles :)
  7. I actually like the 3.27's :eek:

    It's my DD and i do a lot of highway driving :shrug:
  8. i like the 3.27's also. really reasonable.

    i doubt i'll do the rears. i don't feel like having to pay for the install. $175 for the brakes would be easy, just wouldn't want to pay the labor.
  9. Yeah i hear you. I was going to do the install myself and to be honest really don't want to. I hate dealing with gear fluid and refilling the dif and the horrible smell :(

    I just freshened my rear brakes up with new pads, painted the calipers red to match the fronts and painted the hats of my rotors. I also painted the dust shields in the rear flat black so they won't be so noticable.

  10. Figures, the best shot i can get of '03 SMC is a shot i took of the damn gas door!

    Oh well, you can really see the flake here. It really stands out on a sunny day right after a fresh wax


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  11. what's the proper way to break in the brakes?

    oh and:


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  12. How big are stock 99-04 GT rotors?

  13. 10.9 inches.

    Old GT stuff
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    New 13" Mach 1 setup :)

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  14. So what's the difference between the MachI and the Cobra brakes?
  15. color of the calipers
  16. So the Bullitt, Cobra and Mach I's all have the same brakes just different color/style calipers? Why were the GT's robbed with the baby brakes? :shrug: lol
  17. brakes.jpg

    Everybody has been nagging me to get a brake upgrade so I think I'm going to do it. I think the red calipers would look good along with some white lettering :D

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