Will cobra brakes fit in my wheels?

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  1. i went with the mach 1. i didn't care to pay more for the cobra name or red calipers with ponies. plus, i'm anal and i'd have to buy the rear brakes to match, too.
  2. So are the ones you got plain red? Front and back? That's what I'm wanting :nice:

  3. Mach 1 calipers are just plain black. The bullitt calipers are red but with a white pony.

    Just do what i did and get the Mach 1 calipers and then paint the front and rear calipers using the duplicolor caliper paint kit
  4. So what size are Cobra/MachI/Bullitt rear brake rotors? Are they 13" as well?
  5. 11.65" and you need to pull the axles to install the kit.

    Baer makes a 13.25" rear rotor setup that includes brackets to relocate the stock caliper. No need to pull the axles but this rotor is more for looks than performance
  6. [​IMG]

    Will the Duplicolor caliper paint be the exact same shade of red as the rear red calipers from BuyFordRacing.com? I'm thinking of getting the black Mach I front calipers and painting them since I don't care for the cobra/pony markings either.
  7. Pretty much. They'll be dirty soon enough and you would never see a difference anyway. My rears are duplicolor painted and fronts are bullitts and when theyre clean you cant really tell a difference.
  8. It's pretty damn close. A friend of mine has a bullitt and i was comparing and they look similar. You would never notice when looking at the car unless you were REALLY anal and specifically looking at the color difference.
  9. Mustangtuning.com says their's comes with 2 x Ford Racing Brackets and their price is $449.99 compared to BuyFordRacing.com's $309 but I don't see anything about brackets :shrug: I was just about to order from BuyFordRacing.com but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. So is the BuyFordRacing.com just a better deal and comes with all the same parts as the Mustangtuning.com?

    Here are the two links:



  10. The brackets are part of the caliper on the front brakes. You can see the two bolts on the caliper to the left. You bolt it to the spindle here

    Both kits are complete. Not only is the buyfordracing kit cheaper, but it comes with stainless steel lines while the mustangtuning kit comes with OEM 99-04 brakes lines (which you would already have if you own a 99-04)

    Only thng you need with the kit is brake fluid

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  11. Sweet :flag: Thanks. I'm going also order the rear special addition Bullitt brake kit & calipers from buyfordracing.com as well :nice: Comes out to $696 before shipping.

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  12. WTF?! :eek: $90.87 for the cheapest shipping. How heavy are these damn things? Damn. That's more than I paid to have my 4 wheels shipped to me.

  13. $90?? It was $30 for the fronts only for me 3 weeks ago :shrug:

    Summit will price match the rear kit and they only charge $8 or so for S/H.
    Summit may even carry the rear bullitt calipers to. They don't have a front setup at all.
  14. yeah, it was only about $30 for shipping

    the ship weight on the box said 62 pounds.
  15. His was prob more because he got the rear kit and rear calipers as well. The rear kit is heavy too, but not as much, maybe 30 pounds or so
  16. Howcome nobody paints the "rest" of the caliper? Like the other half I mean :shrug:
  17. I dunno. I've seen guys do it but i think it looks better if only the caliper is painted and the bracket is just left black.

    But it's weird because for my rear calipers, i originally did the same thing and left the bracket black, but i didn't think it looked good so i painted them completely black like the Ford OEM rear calipers

  18. Were brake lines supposed to come with the rear kit? Friend of mine is doing the install and he said he has everything except the rear brake lines so I'm not sure what to do :shrug: I thought steel braided lines came for the rear as well.

    Also, my friend said Steeda recommended leaving the rear dust shields off. Has anyone left them off?

  19. No, the rear kit doesn't come with brake lines. You are just supposed to use your stockers since the rear calipers are the same. I don't even know who makes rear SS lines, but since the rears operate at a lower pressure, i doubt you would notice much of a difference.

    Dust shields are optional. In a racing situation they do offer better cooling with them off but on a street car i personally would leave them alone. In the rain they prevent water from splashing on the rotor which can have a dramatic effect in feel. Mostr guys who run without shields note a slight "delay" in braking when they apply the brakes moderately in the wet.
  20. Cool. Thanks for the info. I'll try to get some pics after I get the car back from Ziebart tomorrow :nice: