Will Coyote 6 Speed Work In Old School 5.0's?

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  1. Well pretty much like the title says. It is hard to find a t56 and the ones available are really expensive. Since the getrag 6 speed is becoming more and more common for both the v6 mustangs and the 5.0's it would stand to reason those would eventually become alot easier to come by and eventually should not be so expensive to get as the t56 since that was only used in the 03/04 cobra. Anyone try using/adapting one yet or what do you think?
  2. I think it's only a matter of time before someone comes up with a bell housing and cross-member to make it work.

    Not sure if the shifter is in a place on the new tranny that will allow to fit though. :scratch:
  3. I hope it happens that way we have a less expensive alternative for a more modern 6 speed transmission.
  4. When it comes to 6 speed conversions, it's not only the trans that costs you, it's everything else needed to run it.
    Trans, cable, bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, trans mount all add up.
    I think the mount to run a 6 speed is $400 by itself.

    Bottom line, budget and 6 speed in a fox don't go together now, and probably never will.

    BTW, i don't think the newer 6 speed from gt's and v6's are rated for that much torque, meaning that if you did do it, it would just be one big expensive novelty project that really doesn't do much for you, other than bragging about having a 6 speed.
  5. Hypothetically speaking of course, I don't think it would be any worse off than a T5-the new tranny will take what a new 5.0 puts out (390lb/ft), and although I don't haunt the new 5.0 threads, I haven't heard much about the trannys coming apart as of yet. That being said, I'm sure getting the transmission mounted in the car would pose some challenges even if you did have a bellhousing to mate it up, but probably nothing out of the ordinary. Mounts not immediately available could be fabbed, shifter holes could be cut to accomodate, despite the possibility it might not be compatible with your console. Driveshaft yokes could be adapted, etc etc etc.

    I have an old Plymouth Scamp (A body) and the trans tunnel in those is kinda shallow, but there are scads of folks out there swapping in modern overdrive transmissions that necessitate sometimes extensive modification of the floorpans-to include the torsion bar crossmember. So, putting the trans in there is more a matter of having the time, patience, and parts to mate it all up. Fabrication can happen and save you money in the long run as long as you have the skill to make it all work.

    While budget, 6 speed, and fox don't really go together, it would be nice to have availability of them, and he makes a point that since the parts are becoming more commonplace everyday Mustangs continue to be manufactured. I don't necessarily think Lakewood is working that type of adapter, but it might be kinda cool.

    ...just a thought.
  6. The fox isnt the only mustang that came with a 5.0. I would love to do this to my SN and I know plenty of people who wouldnt mind having a modern 6-speed in their sn or fox so they could run 3.73's and 4.10's and still be able to drive it down the highway at 70-80 mph without cranking to 3k rpm. Its the reason I liked my 3.08's and did not like my 4.10's and am so-so about the 3.73's. I like having some kind of top end and gas mileage when I am not on it and a 6speed gives you the best of both worlds. Thats just my opinion though, I am sure the people who "live their lives a quarter mile at a time" dont really care about that stuff, lol. Just a 4.56 gear and a 5 speed are enough, lol.
  7. Well, SNs were really only upgraded Fox chassis with only minor differences. Even with 373s, I never broke 2500 at 80 with a 26.5" tire. If tuned conservatively, even those rpms aren't that bad for mileage unless you're shooting for beyond 22 (that's what my blown 5.0 could do on long trips). That being said, yeah, a 6 speed would be cool so 410s would be more appetizing...as you said, just a preference. And if you go on out of town trips more than once a month, it might be worth your while.
  8. I imagine the electronics would also pose an issue. The speedo is likely not mechanical, and don't the new 5.0s have a built in skip-shift function?
  9. The skipshift can be bypassed and the speedo can be corrected with a speedcal.
  10. Speedcal won't cut it. You'd have to swap to an electronic speedo since Fox and 95/96 (at least, dunno what the others have) are all mechanical speedos driven by a rotating cable.
  11. SN's are 94/95, 96 is mod motor. and SN's are electronic speedo factory.
  12. That's odd because I could have sworn the 95/96 5ohs were cable. :shrug:
  13. I dont think your doing 80 at much less than 3k rpms if you go with 4:10's. I have a t-56 in my fox and with 3:73's 70 mph is around 2300 rpm's. I'm sure someone out there can do the math but while mileage would be better I dont think you would be beating any hybrids. By the way on mostly highway driving I get 26 mpg's and thats with the t-tops out which I'm sure isn't very aerodynamic. I honestly have really been considering a change to 3:55's as soon as I up the power some more because going thru 1-2-3 during normal driving you need to shift as soon as your foots off the clutch.
  14. 94/95, 96 is when they switched to the 4.6. And yes all sn95's are electronic speed sensor not cable driven
  15. Okay I would like to point out we are going off topic. I personally would love the idea of a modern 6 speed in my SN. Question was simple. Has anyone done it yet? Since nobody has, question answered, lol.
  16. Yep yep. You're right. I'll call it a product of getting old. :p
  17. lol no biggy we are all getting there
  18. Out of curiosity what makes any of you guys think that the trans out of a coyote is common place or is going to be any cheaper than any other 6 speed?

    I've yet to ever see one for sale used, new they are like 2 grand.

    It's not like the t5 which was mass produced and put into many different cars for 20 years.
    So far it's a 2 year run. That's probably not going to do any wonders for pricing.

    Even if you could put on in a fox, it probably wouldn't be much cheaper than doing any other 6 speed.
  19. I can appreciate that you're playing devil's advocate, but you're borderline negative nancy...yeah, so there's only two years worth of production runs so far, but it's not like there's T56s in great abundance right now either, and people swap those in disregarding the price because they want a 6 speed. Give it another couple years, and the new one that's being produced in greater numbers than the T56 out of a Cobra for example will be more available from salvage places. The whole point was to have something different and something he wanted for his reasons-probably similar to the same reasons you dropped a terminator in your car...
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  20. You're better off picking up a T56 if you want to do a 6 speed swap. They can be expensive, but they are more plentiful than the MT-82 is, and would be far less of a headache to adapt.