Fuel Will Crown Victoria Orange Fuel Injectors Work In My Stang?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Ballista, May 14, 2013.

  1. I own a 2001 Mustang GT, no heavy mods just the standard; CAI, 70mm TB, aftermarket plenum, Accel coil packs, and flowmaster cat-back exhaust. I have heard that the stock 19# EV1 style fuel injectors are pretty much maxed out on even a bone stock 4.6. However if I go with 24# EV6 style injectors; not only will I get some extra headroom if I want to install a bigger cam but the newer style has a better spray pattern for a better fuel burn. That's what I've gleaned from forums and articles so if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me. Politely please.

    Now my question.

    If the above understanding is correct, could I use the 22# orange injectors from a 2000+ Crown Victoria? Part # 0280 155 917 ( XL2E-CA)
    Obviously I would have to get adaptors to go from the EV1 to EV6 connectors. Would I have to get a custom computer tune or would it work with the stock tune? Yes, I'm planning to get a tuner in the future but funds are tight.

    I have found several sets of these in a local bone yard and I can get them for a fraction of the cost of the 24# Ford Racing Part # M-9593-LU24A. (still needs the adaptors) So it seems like a no brainer so what's the catch. I searched the forums but couldn't find anyone using the CV orange injectors.
  2. Those orange injectors are 19 lb if i remember correctly. If you want 24 lb injectors on a junk yard budget find a wrecked Lincoln Mark VIII or 96-01 Cobra and pull the injectors. When I did this on my 98 GT I also swapped the MAF from the Mark VIII. No need to do the MAF swap but you will need a tune for your car to run right. EV1 and EV6 refer to the body shape and size of the injectors. Here is a link so I don't have to go into detail. http://mustangforums.com/forum/4-6l-general-discussion/621892-ev1-or-ev6-redux.html