Will DEI more power than Turbos?

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  1. Not to 'jack this thread too much, but.....

    I wonder if, now that DEI has gained legitimacy by being mentioned the "UNcyclopedia" Wiki; would this process be markedly improved by first performing the "On-The-Engine Extrude Honing" process to the inake and exhaust manifolds?

    If you haven't heard about this groundbreaking procedure; check it out! I first heard about it on TheCurb; and related it (with Links) in this thread.
    Combining these two processes will certainly revolutionize the Performance Automotive market; unless Detroit has me killed, or Mitsubishi/Subaru buys the intellectual property rights!

    I'm hoping to sell it to Shelby and/or Foose first; as long as they don't commision the assembly process to a coupla former oil-rig cleaners from Rancher's Twig, TX! :D