Will Denso Iridium hurt a N/A engine?

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  1. I know Denso Iridium does nothing for a stock motor as far as performance goes, but will it be okay to install it anyways. Will it hurt my engine? I have a N/A motor & plan for a blower in the future. I just want these plugs in and get it out the way until I can afford a blower. This car is my daily driver & I only want the best. I hear Denso is the best, but will it perform any good for a N/A car. I want a good idle, not more horses. Keep in mind that I want plugs to be ready for my blower.
  2. Anyone??? I need some advice.
  3. No, the proper heat range for a n/a car will be fine. I have had a set for about 9 months now. I would not suggest going to a colder plug just because you might get a blower in the future. A colder plug should work ok, but it might actually degrade your performance some. If you are really serious about getting a blower, then just wait on the plugs. Unless they have 50,000+ miles on them they should be just fine.
  4. What is the proper heat range for my car. Which plugs should I get? (IT16, IT20)
    Thanks for the reply.
  5. Denso Iridiums

    They WON"T HURT your car. I am running Denso Iridiums in a N/A car with mild perf mods and I love them. Increased throttle response and the car idles like silk. Some will say they are a waste of money but if you want the best, they're it. I don't know if I got any additional hp but overall the engine runs better.
  6. I would have to agree on that one. I have them in my car and it runs a lot smoother. They won't hurt your motor at all. If you are planning on running a blower then get the IT20. mine are the IT16 and they are made for a stock heat range.
  7. So IT16 is stock heat & is safe to run on n/a motor? Will it be any good for a blower?
  8. I was told by the denso guys that N/A I could gain 3-5 fwhp.

    Just a fyi.

  9. You mean RWHP?
  10. Darn it, I just received the new plugs that I will be installing along with my new KB 4.6L kit and just noticed that they are the IT16. Should I get the IT20 for my KB application? Or is it OK to just use the IT16s?
  11. Maybe Flywheel Horsepower