Will Ford fix chips in paint under warranty?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by decoy562, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I'm just wondering...we all get those dreaded chips in the paint from road debris. :nonono: Will ford fix those chips under warranty?
  2. if it isnt a defect, dont count on it :(
  3. Nop...

    Door dings either... :rolleyes:

    I wonder why... :p
  5. I can barely get them to fix problems with the actual car. "No no it's supposed to clunk into second like that." :(
  6. That's what I thought. Glad I gave you guys a good laugh though!
  7. Unless its a defect in the paint job, i.e. fogging under the clear coat, it's not covered.
  8. First month I had the car i got a ton of paint chips on the hood. I figured what the hell and I went into the dealership. They basically laughed at me, but it was worth a shot. :bang:
  9. dude your dealing with ford, not rolls-royce :(, everyone feels your pain
  10. what does fogging under the clearcoat mean? i have a dark shadow grey stang and there are some real dull spots in the paint after i wash it...
  11. i had some problems with the paint right after i bought mine and they fixed it all. the clear coat was making these gray spots all over the hood of the car and in a couple other places on the car. but i doubt they would fix chips from rocks on the road, cause it's expected to happen to every car driven off the lot.
  12. Just tell them it chipped on you while at the car wash and you shut it down as quick you saw it come out. Thats what i did with my hood and they repainted the whole thing and reclear'd.

  13. That exact thing happened to me. I was using the pressure washer, and some of the paint on my front bumper flew off. Took it to the dealership, told them what happened, and they fixed it under warranty.
  14. Waranty covered my car to get the roof repainted after some bubbles in the paint appeared. Thats sad that a 2 yr old car has to have the roof re-painted.
  15. i had to have mine repainted 2 weeks after i got it. just the rear bumper though, a bird crapped on it while it was on the lot, & noone noticed it, for a while obviously. so it ate right through the paint, & i had to take it back 2 weeks later. it's a good thing the salesman noticed it or i might have overlooked it, in the whole excitement of buying a new car, & then i would have most likely been up the creek :shrug:
  16. a little off topic but, my doors are fairly rough..feels like they dont have a coat of clear of them, still look nice when clean, but they almost feel like 600-1000 grit. anyone else with the same???

    Also i have a run on my trunk right next to my license plate, that im trying to get them to fix.
  17. just polish the hell out of it, ford sucks with oranage peel, i got rid of most of mine though
  18. if they did, everyone would have a new paint job every month... :D

  19. Ya, my friend has the same problem as you except its his whole hood. It almost feels like sandpaper or something.
  20. My doors felt like that until I clay barred it....
    smooth as glass. :eek:

    :worship: clay bars!