Will Ford pass GM in sales?

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  1. Reducing the number of dealerships is also going to hurt GM greatly and give more share to Ford. This may happen faster than previously planned. They said due to the clunker program clearing out inventory so fast, they will just not restock some dealerships that were planned to get axed.

    I really like Alan Mulally at Ford. He turned around Boeing and seems to be doing a hell of a job at Ford the last couple years. One recent Initial Quality study, they beat out Toyota for the first time. Ford's back on track, I'm not sold on GM yet though.
  2. Ford sales were up with this "Cash for Clunkers" program. GM sales still plummeted. This was a good quarter for Ford.
  3. Plummeted? Sales were up nearly 20% ....Also, and this goes for all automakers, the next 3-4 months all these Manufacturers are going to see a record free fall in sales. Cash for Clunkers Program is going to be "Hated" in the coming months. Just watch for the Repos to sky rocket !!! Ppl out there buying 30k dollar vehicles making 25k a year. The housing market didnt teach them anything.
  4. Actually I believe GM's sales were down 20%. Ford was up 17%. It's in the article Blown65 posted right after yours.
  5. I think he is saying they were up compared to the month before. Funny how they try and spin it. They were however way down from the yr prior, where Ford was up. Leave it to the media to make a mess of numbers. LOL
  6. True that lol... yep GM sales were down 20% and Ford up 17%, overall GM global sales are up, North american sales fall sharply however....freakin Hyundai up 40% !!! What lol.

    GM is up Globaly though, selling 6.4 million cars in the 3rd quarter
    Toyota is nipping at the heels of #1 manufacturer GM and has passed Ford and Chrysler for the #3 and #2 spots globaly.


    Toyota is a big threat for sure, but I think Ford and GM are starting to get their acts together, new model and engine productions are sure to keep GM and Ford in the top 3, and I hate to say it but after a horrific year so far for Chrysler, I dont see them going anywhere.
  7. Yeah, plummeted. GM sales dropped 20%. I'd call that, "plummeted." No surprise, considering GM sucks anyway. The only cars in their lineup that are worth a crap are the Corvette, Sky/Solstice, and the G8, they're doing away with the G8, Sky/Solstice. That leaves the Corvette. Oh, wait, there's the Malibu. :rolleyes:

    As for the repos skyrocketing, I'm not worried about it. That's only going to help me when I go to buy my new Mustang GT, just like when the housing market took a dive, it afforded my wife and I a newly constructed $550,000 house for $330,000. FWIW, since then, the market has dropped lower and our home is worth about $270,000, but that's okay, because we don't plan on going anywhere for a long time, anyway. It's all relative. We made $100,000+ on our last home when we sold it, so I'd say that's a victory. We knew when we bought/sold a home that the market was going to drop and we wanted to make as much on our home we were selling as possible. We moved from an area with a higher cost of living to an area with a lower cost of living. We got much more for less! Victory for us!
  8. Thats awesome on the house !!! What a steal.really. :)

    Yeah they got some issues, the new models hittin the scene in 2011 look promising.

    As for GM sucking.....there still #1 :)
    It dont bother me though, I mean untill the last few years Ive felt that both Automakers (GM,Ford) have done an awefull job in producing quality products. Besides the Truck Divisions and the Mustang/Corvette, they werent doing jack **** IMO.

    Heres to a better american automotive future :)
  9. I beg to differ. The customers we sold new cars to during the "cash for clunkers" program were very different than we normally see. Because the program rules dictated that the "clunker" had to be registered and insured for at least 12 full months before trading it in, it kept the roaches away. Those that came in were very frugal people who tend to keep their cars (and other big purchases) for much longer than the typical consumer. Almost everyone of these people had stellar credit (goes hand in hand with being so frugal and careful with their money).

    These were the kinds of customer we wish we could see more often, but alas, they'll likely keep these cars for 20+ years. Therefor, I don't expect skyrocketing repos, and we didn't take away from next quarter or next year's sales because these people probably wouldn't have been in the market now or then without the "cash for clunkers" carrot being offered.
  10. IMO the cash for clunkers program should have taken place during the winter. Summer always has stronger sales, and more cars are sold. During the winter or fall months would have been a better choice were sales are normally slower and would have gotten good boost. Would have evened things out a little more and the dealers wouldn't have a cold lonely winter thats now on its way!
  11. I can't say that Ford has a whole lot of products that do it for me, but they don't have vehicles that compete with each other. Sure, there are the Fusion and Milan, but stylistically they're different from each other, unlike, say, the Cobalt and the G5.

    As for trucks, GM makes some good trucks, but I think Ford has always made a better truck than GM. I've always felt that while Ford made the best truck, GM made the best car, but that's changing. It's not that I'm on an "I hate GM" mission, but they just really make some dumb decisions. In fact, go to their website, and if you want to write them a letter, they specifically say on the site that they are not addressing letters regarding their styling. Isn't that smart? Sure, ignore your customers. I guess when you suck and you know it, you don't wanna hear any flack about it.
  12. GM...styling...in the same sentence? I'm confused :D
  13. Well I hope your right. Time will tell.
  14. Exactly. I think the G8 is an AWESOME looking car, and the same goes for the Corvette, Solstice, and Sky. Other than those few charms, I don't see anything good about GM styling.

    But, let's look at Ford. There's...the Mustang. The Fusion is okay, the Taurus is just flat ugly with no sense of style or personality; just boring. The Mercury Milan and Lincoln version of the Fusion/Milan looks nice, but other than that... :notnice:

    Most of the domestics on the market today just don't invoke a single hint of personality.
  15. I agree with the GM vehicles you mentioned, I happen to like the Fusion, the Taurus is OK, at least it looks nicer than the Ford 500. The Explorer is too plain looking, but I like the trucks and Escape. IMO though, no auto manufacturer is really producing some vehicles that inspire emotion when you look at them, everything all seems to be a lot of blah out there, like they're all copying each other in their own boring way.
  16. Yep, there all going for the same look.....European/Asian..lol
  17. Wait a sec...I thought the Taurus was the same car as the Five-Hundred, but just with a name-change and added side-vent? Am I missing something?

    I like the new Fusion. The old one looked like a Gillette Fusion razorblade. Do some google searches, and the comparos that pop up are hysterical!

    If the domestics really want to be successful, they're going to need to get back to basics and model cars out of clay instead of CAD. The domestic automobiles are "generic," at best. The domestic manufacturers need to do what made them successful in the 60s and very early 70s, and that's to inject passion into their cars.

    Let's say that you're a designer. You've just designed the latest Chevy Aveo. Ask yourself, "Would I call up my mother and express to her how proud I was of my new design and how I couldn't wait for her to see it?" If your answer is, "No," then you need to go back to the drawing board. I don't care if you're designing a Kia Spectra or a Ferrari 430, if you're not proud and passionate of the design, nobody else is going to be, either.
  18. When the 500 was renamed to the Taurus for 08 (I believe that was the year) it got a mild refresh which helped, then that design was once again refreshed for 2010.