Will Ford pass GM in sales?

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  1. The 2010 is completely different than the 08 model. I Also agree with the passion of building a car. Like I said before, I really feel GM and Ford are moving in that direction. Check out the new Aveo....Pretty damn nice along with several other models. Ford is finally putting truth to the term.."Bold" ... The Fiesta is really looking nice.
  2. There isn't anything nice about the Aveo. It doesn't even compete with cars in its own class; Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, etc.
  3. I like the styling of the Ford Flex and the Edge too. I think Ford has come a long way in styling the last year. If they would make a Hybrid of the Flex next year, I may buy that and replace my minivan.

    As far as the Chevy, G8 looks good. Corvette needs an update, the current style is getting tired. I'm just not sold on Chevy's quality yet to buy one.

    Taurus styling isn't great for me, but I love all the gadgets they put on the SHO power sunshade, moonroof, blindspot sensor on mirrors, heated/cooled seats.
  4. Only time will tell. All I can do is do my part by buying a stang next year.
  5. The quality in the G8 was done right. Even Cadillac's interiors are fairly decent.

    IMO, the G8 is by far the best car that GM has built since 1972.

    GM has the ability to build some excellent cars, but for some reason they refuse. Now, they're taking the same road that got them into trouble in the first place. GM's future will be a case of history repeating itself.
  6. Disagree completely.... Look at the Buick Lacrosse, Chevy Volt..... Theres nothing out their (American anyway) that rivals the Cadilliac - Escalade-CTS and such.

    Ford has Ford.....

    Lincoln...Overpriced Ford, No where near the standard of Cadilliac.
    Volvo.... Not a bad car, not a great seller either

    Dont put Ford on the pedistol..... GM has sold and gotten rid of certain Branches of its lineup.... But dont forget Ford had to do the same.... Jaguar, Mazda ect.
  7. too bad pontiac and the g8 are going to be canned very soon..
  8. The G8 is one awesome car.
  9. You're right. There's nothing quite like a rebadged Chevrolet Tahoe like a gaudy, overpriced, rap-star ghetto wagon like a Cadillac Escalade. That's a good thing.

    A Chevrolet Volt? Get serious! Are you going to pay the asking price of nearly $40,000 for that? From what I understand, that's the price that GM is aiming for.

    It's the same thing that got GM into the trouble they got into in the first place; canceling the vehicles that people like, or had finally gotten right.

    1. 1984-1987 Buick Regal T-Type/Grand National
    2. Last generation RWD Caprice/Impala SS
    3. Pontiac G8
    4. 1988 Pontiac Fiero (they FINALLY got the bugs worked out)
    6. PONTIAC- Nevermind they sold 2.5 times as many vehicles last year as Buick

    And then we have the faux-pas that are just unexplainable...

    1. Pontiac Aztek- The answer to a question NOBODY asked
    2. Calling an IMPORTED car a "GTO?" It would have sold like mad if it WASN'T called the "GTO."
    3. Remember the 1988 Pontiac LeMans? How'bout the 1980s Chevrolet Nova/Toyota Corolla? Geo/Chevy Prism? Geo/Chevy Metro?
  10. :lol:

    Agreed, while it may certainly be capable of saving a lot on gas, with a high asking price like that it will keep people away.
  11. I don't want to come across as an angry, shallow jerk with sour grapes, but I would really love to see GM go under. For all the stupid decisions they've made in the past and are making once again, they don't deserve to be in business. What would be even more amusing is watching all of the execs sit there scratching their heads with stupid, blank stares on their face asking, "Why? Where did we go wrong?"

    And wanna know what the saddest part of this whole thing is? Go to their website to contact them (i.e. send them a letter) and it specifically lists on the site that they are NOT addressing ANY letters regarding the styling of their products. What can I say, GM knows what we want to buy, right? That's why they're doing so well in the first place; because they THINK my 66 year-old dad wants an "old bastard mobile" like a Buick. Little do they know.

    Well, regarding their styling and not taking letters, nobody likes to hear they suck, right? Sounds to me like a case of, "Yeah, we know, our styling sucks." I call it the "Metallica Disease." They used to be great, but now they suck and they know it. Now they want to "do what they want to do and don't care who likes it."

    Basically, what's happening here is GM is telling us what we want to drive, and what we're going to drive. They've been doing this for years with belching out mediocre automobiles and low-quality SUVs. Now, it's only gotten worse with government involvement. Pretty soon we'll be driving around in cars with Eco-Tec 3 cylinders with hybrid powertrains, weigh 5000 lbs, and make 106 hp.
  12. :notnice: ....You just sound bitter ..your entitled to your own opinion :rolleyes:
  13. And you're entitled to yours. :notnice:

    You'll get over it.
  14. I guess the only downside to them going under is we won't get all that tax-payer money back that they took. On the other hand, we won't get it back if they can't sell enough cars to make a profit anyway. :shrug:
  15. And what really sucks is nobody (well, nobody I know, anyway...) wanted to bail them out. Yep, tax money paid for it, and I'm wondering why GM stock isn't showing up in my wife's or my portfolio. After all, we did buy into GM, right? I mean, we did invest in them, right?

    None to worry, they'll sell all those $40,000 Chevrolet Volts they build. After all, our economy is booming, and everyone will have a half-assed $40,000 electric car sitting in their driveway! :rolleyes:
  16. Hmmm nah, I'll stick with my 17 city/25 hwy Mustang :D
  17. I hear that. While the new 5.0L sounds tasty in a 2011 GT, if that car is going to weigh 3900 lbs, no thanks. That pretty much negates any extra power under the hood, anyway.

    Strike me up for a 2010 GT with the "low" 315 hp. It may not be as quick, but it'll surely be more rewarding to drive.
  18. And it'll do better in more than just a straight line ;)

    Maybe if you opt-out of the "beer can in your trunk" option the car won't weigh so much? :shrug:
  19. :rlaugh: But who says major understeer due to excessive weight isn't exciting, right? It'll be just like auto-crossing a 1957 Cadillac!
  20. I always thought driving a 426 HP 4000 LB car with understeer would be exciting, I mean it sounds exciting :rolleyes: