Will Ford pass GM in sales?

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  1. Oh, by all means, I'm sure it's very exciting. I'm sure there's nothing else in the world quite like steering into a corner and finding yourself going straight! No worries, I'm sure that kind old fellow sitting on his porch didn't mind you careening through his fence and into his yard! :nice: I'm sure the only thing he'll have to say is, "Damn shame about that 2010 Camaro." :rlaugh:
  2. Same to you

    A group of pinheads made horrible decisions at GM and caused a complete mess, and your solution is to see a company that help mold america go under.....losing hundreds of thousands of jobs globaly within GM itself and those who depend on GM with parts and such....just so you can feel better about yourself and your portfolio......

    Have a little faith in the ppl of GM instead of the Corporate yahoos of GM... Like it or not GM is America....I didnt want the Bailout either, and they shouldnt have gotten it, file bankruptcy and start over...... NO way would I ever want them to go under though.
  3. Maybe soooo..... But im sure he'll mumble under his breath...

    " Sure did leave that mustang behind....Pony better be glad theirs corners so he can catch up"


    HA...understeer.....seriously? What an argument lol
  4. I think everybody here's pretty much done choking on your GM fanboyism. GM sucks, and they're a thing of the past. GM didn't shape squat. Brush up on your American history. I question whether you're adept enough to do your American History homework, so allow me to help you.

    The Industrial Revolution was the backbone of the United States. This country was built upon developing inventions of transportation, harnessing electricity, and honing industrial processes for making jobs such as farming easier.

    Confused yet? Let me help you out.

    Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, the incandescent light bulb, and the motion picture.

    Samuel Morse invented the telegraph and Morse code. Morse code is still used today.

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone which took the place of the telegraph. Until then, the telegraph was the only means people had of communicating by long distance.

    Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical reaper which made grain harvesting efficient and faster for farmers.

    Charles Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber. This made it possible for rubber to stand up in bad weather. Rubber was used in many aspects of manufacturing.

    Nikola Tesla invented fluorescent lighting, the AC electrical power system, and the radio. The Tesla Coil is still used today in radios and televisions.

    George Westinghouse invented the electrical transformer. Oddly enough, the electrical transformer was adapted to being used as brakes on trains.

    Dr. Richard Gatling invented the infamous "Gatling Gun," which was one of our most effective weapons used during the Spanish/American war. I think it's also safe to credit Dr. Gatling with developing such an effective weapon that variations of it are still used today in modern warfare!

    Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity.

    Ya know, it's funny that General Motors is NOWHERE on that list. GM had NOTHING to do with the shaping of this country. Give credit where credit is due. This country earned its freedom in 1776. GM was not even a thought in 1776. :nice:

    Now that you've been given your history lesson for the day, how'bout if you give us one. SINCE THE MUSTANG SUCKS SO BADLY AND IT'S SO SLOW, WHY ARE YOU HERE? I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you probably did like Mustangs and people were just busting your balls about you being a troll, but the more posts I read of yours, the more I'm discovering that they really are right. :notnice:

    I'd like to take this time to address everyone participating in the 2010 Mustang Forums to apologize for defending this guy. :nonono:
  5. Well now that we can agree to disagree with certain members, and we have our history lesson for the day (I'm poking fun at you TopSpeed :D)

    Anything for the original topic of conversation? Ford is catching up in the states quickly and is beating GM oversees, if anyone read the article referenced in the forum. And if you notice how they break up the math, so far for the year GM is only about 192k vehicles ahead of Ford, and 172k of those are vehicles that have been axed from their lineup. Looks like GM has a lot of work to do.

    Unlike 10 years ago when GM's sales were falling, so were Ford's. It's a whole different ballgame now, Ford has better than or equal to quality of that of Toyota and Honda (can GM say that), GM's marketshare is shrinking while Ford's is growing. Seeing as how Ford was one of the big beneficiaries of the cash for clunkers program, I'd have to say that the general public is more comfortable sticking with a company that has more fuel efficient vehicles and that isn't bankrupt.
  6. This whole "Mustang vs Camaro" arguement is getting old. In a 40k sports car (yea, I know that's not sticker but that's what a lot of people are paying for the new Camaro) understeer like that, plus being outperformed in the turns by a car that has an archaic live axle in the back while the Camaro has an "up to date" IRS, I'd have to say that speaks loudly of GM and their commitment to performance. Looks like the only thing they were aiming for was straight line performance to make the fanboys happy.

    Oh, and since the Camaro is apparently so superior to the Mustang, here's some lifetime sales numbers:

    Mustang - 8,301,046 (Thru 2009)
    Camaro -4,686,163 (Thru 2002)

    These numbers do not include any 2010 sales figures, so, taken into consideration, over the course of history, it seems Ford is doing a much better job building, promoting, and selling the Mustang. Sure the Camaro is outselling now, but that's because it's been out of the game for 7 years, and all the GM guys want a Camaro (why not just by a Corvette?) Obviously Ford is doing something right and GM is not. Otherwise we would have seen a model year 2003-2008 Camaro, right?
  7. Add this to your list of inventors:

    Thomas Newcomen: developed the first safe and successful steam power plant.
  8. This is correct.

    Ford doesn't even need to promote the Mustang. The Mustang sells itself. As for the Camaro, the only reason it's outselling the Mustang right now is because all the fanboys were hard-up for anything with a "Camaro" name on it, regardless of what it was. It's like people buying a suck-ass Metallica record just because it's Metallica. What can I say, suckers are born everyday.

    Next year with the introduction of the 5.0L in the Mustang GT if it does happen, things will be back to "normal," with the Mustang outselling the Camaro 3 to 1, once again. The Mustang is the highest selling domestic Muscle/Sports Car of all time, and it will continue to be.

    I hate the fact that the new Camaro sucks, because I really, really wanted a new Camaro. And then, I read the specs on it for the first time, how it was going to weigh 3900 lbs, and my heart just sank. I just got a real empty feeling in my stomach and realized that my dream of owning a new Camaro (I bought my current one used) was washed away within about 10 seconds. :notnice: Well, at least Ford is building a car I can live with and be happy with; this year, anyway. :nice:

    D'oh! I guess he certainly IS important! But, can you tell I paid attention in history class? :D

    And the more I think about it, this country was built on transportation, and NOT GM.

    The trains; they relied on coal to feed their engines, steel to form their tracks, iron workers to build their tracks, engine parts, wheels, etc. Regardless what it was, one way or another, a train was always involved.

    This country was built upon exporting resources to different venues around our country.

    What is your take on the Industrial Revolution and how this country was built, SS02? :cool:
  9. I know, I used the word "promoting" because I was off in another world when I wrote that reply. I mean hell, the poor Mustang got beat up by the Camaro in the first Transformers movie lol. And then they all get crashed in the Fast and the Furious. Why didn't we get 2 blockbuster movies for our car?

    I think everyone is just jealous :D
  10. The Mustang got beat up because GM produced the movie. The original Bumblebee was not some busted up Camaro. Bumblebee was yellow VW Beetle, which ironically was parked next to the busted up Camaro in the movie. Funny that they had the busted up Camaro fling its door into the VW. :rolleyes: What was even funnier was how the new pig of a Camaro out-handled Barracade (the Mustang); quite the fictional story! :rlaugh:

    Hey, remember the GM-produced movie "starring" the GTO, and co-starring Dennis Hopper? No, you probably don't, BUT DON'T WORRY, BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE DOES, EITHER! :rlaugh:
  11. :lol::lol:
    :lol::rlaugh: .......Whos got the sour grapes now lol... Interesting stuff there, and very knowledgable. Ever hear of the World War? Do you know of a Company that employed Hundred of thousands during this war, transformed their auto plants to Tank and Airplane facilities to send to War......Any Clue?

    Any way.... I find you funny, your a Fanboy if ive ever seen one.....a real tool also, I could care less if you like me or not...and could care less if my interest in the Camaro outweigh that of your interest in the Mustang. I like both, and was poking fun with the little love affair of posts you had, and then creating a fictional old man commenting on a broken fence LMAO !!!

    So, post away with your history lesson...and post about how you hate GM and it sucks, Like I said......YOUR A TOOL !!! :flag:

    Still like ya though :)

    I can take it
  12. General Motors

    General Motors Contributions during War

    World War 1
    World War 2
    Korean War
    Vietnam War

    All to which GM manufactured American made military vehicles to defend this Nation.

    The nucleus of the fledgling General Motors was the Buick Motor Car Company. It was formed in 1902 by David Buick in Detroit and later moved to Flint, Michigan, where William Crapo Durant, "king of the carriage makers," took control. Durant, who brashly predicted that "a million cars a year would someday be in demand," oversaw Buick’s rise to become the second largest and most influential automobile manufacturer in the country. He also began organizing a network of suppliers and producers.

    When General Motors Company was incorporated as a New Jersey firm on September 16, 1908, Flint had a population of about 25,000 and four streetcars. It was more than three months before Flint papers carried a single story about the new enterprise.

    Early members of the infant GM family were Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Oakland (now Pontiac), Ewing, Marquette, Welch, Scripps-Booth, Sheridan, and Elmore, together with Rapid and Reliance trucks. GM’s other U.S. automotive division, Chevrolet, became part of the corporation in 1918.

    Only four of the car lines -- Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Oakland -- continued making cars for more than a short time after their acquisition by GM. By 1920, more than 30 companies had been acquired by General Motors, by purchase of all or part of their stock. Two were forerunners of major GM subsidiaries -- the McLaughlin Motor Company of Canada (which later became General Motors of Canada Limited) and the Fisher Body Company, in which GM initially gained a 60 percent interest.

    Although legally a New Jersey corporation, all of GM’s original facilities were in Michigan, and Mr. Durant encouraged other firms to locate their facilities in the state.

    By 1911, the idea of a general staff organization had gained more than a toehold in the company, and a director of production was appointed. The company began to "create a general staff of mechanical engineers, gasoline engine engineers, designers, production experts and other experts not attached to any particular factory, but whose advice and services would be available (to) ... the necessarily more limited staff of each individual factory."

    A testing laboratory also was established, as the annual report said, to "serve as an additional protection against costly factory mistakes and give the purchaser of every one of our machines an additional guarantee not merely for his comfort, but to assure his safety."

    This notion of consulting, advising, fact finding and testing is the genesis of GM’s present comprehensive staff organization. Today it covers such fields as design, engineering, manufacturing, research, labor relations, marketing and advertising, personnel, purchasing, consumer relations and service, environmental and energy activities, industry-government relations, communications, finance and legal.

    About the same time GM was getting started in Michigan, an engineering development that was to prove critical to GM’s subsequent leadership in research was occurring in Dayton, Ohio -- the introduction of the electric self-starter. Designed by Charles F. "Boss" Kettering at his Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, it first appeared on 1912 Cadillacs and, by doing away with the dangerous and unpredictable hand crank, definitely popularized motoring. More than any other development, the electric self-starter is credited with making motor cars more accessible to a greater part of the population.

    "Boss" Kettering later became the scientific mastermind of the corporation, in charge of its unparalleled research and engineering programs. He joined GM in 1920 when the Dayton Research Laboratories were merged into GM and moved the Research Laboratories to Detroit in 1925. He remained with the corporation until his retirement June 2, 1947.

    The General Motors Company officially became General Motors Corporation on October 13, 1916, when incorporation papers were filed in Delaware. By August 1, 1917, the new corporation had acquired all the stock of General Motors of New Jersey, which was formally dissolved two days later.

    It was during World War I that GM, for the first of four times in its history, would turn its facilities and experience to the production of war materials. It did so again in World War II, the Korean conflict, and Vietnam.

    With no previous experience in manufacturing military hardware, the young American automobile industry within 18 months completed a turnaround from civilian to war production. The result was an outpouring of weaponry credited with the winning of the war, changing the face of Europe, and giving rise to the United States as a world power.

    Between 1917 and 1919, 90 percent of GM’s truck production was directed to the war effort. GM’s truck operations supplied the Army with a variety of models; Cadillac supplied Army staff cars along with V8 engines for artillery tractors and trench mortar shells; Buick built Liberty airplane motors, tanks, trucks, ambulances and parts; Central Products Division was formed to build a drop forge plant that was later taken over by Chevrolet; and Central Foundry at Saginaw was rushed to completion.
  13. Boo hoo. He thinks I'm a tool. In fact, I may actually lose sleep tonight. :rolleyes:

    It was a nice try, folks, but we've already covered GM and their (lack of) effect on the establishment of this country. In fact, I'm pretty sure by WWII, the United States of America had already been established for well over 100 years. That's all well and good that GM made armored vehicles for our military, but that has nothing to do with what this country was founded upon.

    And then I get the good ol' switch-er-roo; "I'm not the fanboy, you're the fanboy." Yes, that's right, everyone, I'm the one posting the lame Camaro videos all over Stangnet.com. I'm also the one to make positively sure I get the last word in while defending GM and their idiocy, right? :rolleyes:

    Some people are clearly unfamiliar with the concept of "People in glass houses..."
  14. Why so angry....your obvisouly upset about what....me posting Camaro stuff, or defending GM. I believe its you who goes to extremes to cause a roose just to prove your point.

    Also...Comeon.....along with those lame camaro videos comes my lame mustang videos.......so we get it..you dont like Camaros.

    I believe I said GM helped MOLD America to what it is........If you dont think that GM had a big hand in America, meaning the Spirit of the American worker to help build vehicles to defend this nation, or an Independent Company who by NO means had to hire thousands of unemployed citizens to help move us past the great depression. They had a hand in America my friend. You do know that if GM wasnt there, we could of lost the war right, there was no government entity that was established to manufacture the high demand of materials and vehicles needed to support the war effort.

    Fine you dont like GM, thats cool..... just dont short change them for past accomplishments.

    Im not defending them about their current status, my point was that them going under would have been catastrophic to the global economy. They Efed up bad, real bad and I hold them accountable....I didnt agree with the bailout and if they were to continue to just say..." Ah to hell with it" then hey....so be it, they have to regain the trust and integrity they once had.

    Dont feel like making enemies, especially over a auto manufacturer. :)
  15. I couldn't care less about your lame Camaro videos.

    I own a Camaro. I hardly dislike Camaros. They're the new ones that suck. You're just all bent because I don't cheer you on in your quest to make sure everyone sees your Camaro videos.

    We want to see YOUR Camaro. How'bout it?
  16. ^^^ lol.... When have I ever asked you to cheer me on. Trust me, I know you dont like Camaros, and im content with that......I dont need your backing in the cause lol :)
  17. Look up any 35th LE SS and youll see my Camaro.....I mean really, do you have any Camaro videos of your car? ....
  18. Of course I do!

  19. Just got done reading our other forum that got locked lol ......I HAVE NEVER STATED that I had a 2010 Camaro lol ..... The only thing that got brought up with me in it was about the LS1 motor, which in turned had a guy wanting me to post my 35th running the 1/4.... never have I claimed to own a 2010.... I wouldnt buy a first year hotrod :)
  20. Im learing about the 2010 just like everyone else.....my postings are just of sheer interest and curiosity. youve been hammering me all this time because you thought I owned a 2010 Camaro LMAO !!!