Will Ford pass GM in sales?

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  1. Amen. :hail2:
  2. You are right on EVERY account.

    My dad WAS a Pontiac man. He just bought a brand new Mazda 6 Touring. :nice:

    I WAS a GM man. I'll list all the cars I've owned...

    1984 Plymouth Colt
    1977 Pontiac Bonneville
    1971 Chevrolet El Camino
    1995 Chevrolet S-10 LS
    1994 Chevrolet B4C Camaro (still own)
    1992 Pontiac Grand Prix
    2002 Volkswagen GTI 1.8T
    2005 Subaru WRX STi

    Here's what my parents have owned, at least since I've been around...

    1968 Plymouth Barracuda
    1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu
    1977 Pontiac Bonneville
    1984 Plymouth Colt
    1986 Mazda 626
    1989 Pontiac GTA TransAm (still own)
    1990 Chevrolet Beretta
    1992 Pontiac Grand Prix
    1994 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
    2001 Pontiac Bonneville
    2006 Pontiac G6 GT (still own)
    2009 Mazda 6 Touring

    My dad was looking at new GMs and considered a Buick Lucerne but the dealer didn't want to deal. He left and visited a Mazda dealership, and came home with a brand new 6 Touring. Yep, my "GM dad" bought a FORD. :nice:

    Oh, wait, I'm a GM guy, too, and I'm gonna buy a new 2010 FORD Mustang GT! :nice:

    IF I ever own another GM, it will have been built prior to 1972. :hail2:
  3. You have a great point, like I said also...I didnt think they should have gotten a bailout, I hope your wrong with the 5 year end of GM. I have friends and Family who work for GM, so its kinda of personal....I just ticked me off that some ppl can say they hope GM goes under.

    Bad decisions made by a small group of ppl.....crazy stuff, lets hope it dosent end for the worse.
  4. You have your opinion, I have mine. Maybe your friends and family should start looking for jobs elsewhere. As long as I can still find parts for my Camaro, I don't care what happens to GM. I'll just feel bad for the innocent people who it effects.
  5. :rolleyes: Nice, great outlook on it man.
  6. Hey, not my problem. :shrug: Why should I care what happens to a company? I didn't care when APC (Always Producing Crap), one of the "premier Pep Boys Dress-up Kit" companies went under cuz they sucked, why should I care that GM goes under? Seems to me that the employees of GM need to band together and launch a company-wide strike to me, but Hell, this is America; it'll never happen. Instead of acting, they'll all just sit around and grumble about how things suck. Suffice to say, GM will be way back in their production, not only allowing time for current vehicles to sell, but the backup in production would also ensure their job security for additional time.

    So, here we Americans all sit, moaning and groaning about bailing out GM, yet not a single one of us has made an effort to step up to the good ol' government and say, "Enough is enough." Present company included.
  7. It all boils down to this, in my opinion. A company is a company, it doesn't matter how large or small they are. If they make a half ass product and it doesn't sell, why should my tax payer dollars fund them? There are plenty of small businesses in this country that have gone under in the last year that probably employed quite a few people, and not one of them got a bailout, so who's to say that GM is somehow "more important" than all those small businesses and the people they employed? :shrug:
  8. I'm still wondering where my bailout is. :notnice:

    GM is constantly laying people off, which tells me they don't care about their employees, yet when I say, "I couldn't care less if GM goes under," I'm a jerk for it. :shrug:

    Don't blame me, blame Rick Wagoner. After blaming him, blame the government for handing him a suitcase stuffed with $20,000,000 in it just to clean out his office and get lost.
  9. I was thinking today about how most of us are pissed off about them getting tax payer's money but then it hit me are'nt they tax payer's themselve's, yes they are and have probably payed more than twice the amount they have borrowed so if I'm correct and I usually am would'nt they have just as much if not more right's than us. Dont get me wrong I'm not necessarily saying it's right but if this is true then who are we to **** about it myself included.
  10. Why should they have more rights than us? They make more money than we do, hence the reason they're paying more into the tax pot. When it all boils down to it, we're putting in nearly just as much of a percentage of our paychecks. :shrug:
  11. I want a bailout dammit! So I can pay off my credit card and then put a supercharger on it..... :D
  12. I believe they have the right because of the crazy amount's they have paid out in my opinion far out way's what they are borrowing. And no they pay a much bigger percentage than the average American does because depending on the amount you make the bigger percentage you pay. If you make $357,700.00 or above you have to pay the gov. 35% of this as of 2008 for 2009 it will go up. So this is what you would pay on that amount $125,195 and if they were to make $10,000,000.00 they pay 3.5 million in federal taxes.
    So as far as I'm concerned we could cut them some slack in that department If you dont want to that's your choice. It's still no excuse for that thing they call a Camaro.

    2009 Federal Income Tax Brackets (Official IRS Tax Rates)
  13. I think you're missing my point. :) What I'm saying is that it's all relative. For example, let's say we spend $100. $1000 may be the "equilvalent" to them of $100.
  14. It may seem like our corporate taxes are some of the highest in the world, but there are plenty of loophools and ways to work the system that these corporations get away with paying much less than what they should. Either way, just because one pays more in taxes does not entitle them to any more rights than someone who pays less taxes.