Will headers help my 99?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Boss75, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. I've heard that headers on a 99-01 Cobra really don't help until you get into higher horsepower ranges. But I've also been reading on here that some people have a full exhaust set up as their only mod and are making pretty good numbers on the dyno. Right now I've only got an off road X pipe and a Mac catback. Would it be a good idea to put on some headers, or will it just hurt me right now?
  2. Made a difference for me. Pullies, CAI(BBK), longtubes, X-pipe, flows. Put down 306 at the wheels. Those are my only real "hp" mods. You think its worth it?

    Not to mentions the way it sounds :drool:
  3. i wouldent see y it wouldent help out any. What happens with alot of cars is headers wont make a whole lot of hp with a stock engine but as you keep on doing mods the headers will give more hp. Such as i have JBA shortys that only make about 5-8 hp right now but if i get a cam they might make 10-12. And suposidly with a Super Charger it doubles :shrug: