will i need a an additional battery?

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  1. hey everyone. I was wondering will i need another battery or a new alternator or both for my setup that i have now soon to be installed. :shrug:

    alpine cda-9895 mp3 player
    alpine pxa-h701 multimedia manager digital processor(in the mail)
    alpine rux-c701 controller for pxa-h701
    orion 2500d mono amp 2500x1 @ 1 ohm
    (2) orion 3002 [email protected] ohms
    (2) 12inch orion h2 subwoofers
    orion p6.2 components
  2. i would say a bigger alternator first, and see how it does.It depends how many amps the system is going to draw.I dont belive in power caps, unless you like flashing numbers and lights :rolleyes:
  3. probably a new alternator..i know i needed one (my old one was a crap replacement though).
  4. do u have any recommendations for alternators and whre i can get them from
  5. their gonna be pricey,but Powermaster makes a 200 amp, Tuff Stuff also makes a 200 amp.Isnt the stock one 135 amps??? :shrug: I also heard emergency vehicles have 200 amps plus(cop cars,ambulance).Try yours first and see how it works.My buddies diesel has the factory alternator and dual batteries and pushed 2800 watts with no problem.
  6. ok, thanks guys. i'll try using the stock alt. and see what happenes. hopefully within the next week week or so i'll finish my install.
  7. mines a cop car, and i think it uses a 150amp, not sure though.
  8. I believe the police alternators were 130amps
  9. 92patrol you are correct! i went and checked...i just happened to have a crappy alt..and it couldnt take the beating.
  10. stinger makes a 320 amp, but you'll probably pay 600 for it. Two batteries shouldn't be necessary but having one good one will definately help.. I am currently up to 8800 watts and I have two batts, but that is because I could only fit the stinger sp800's instead of the 17 or 2100