Will i need to convert to MAF with new heads???

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Kdubslugga, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Im goin to put in a 306 short block, with edelbrock performer heads. will i have to convert to mass air to do so? i have an 88 GT. i know i have to do it sooner or later but i was hoping to do just do it with the addition of a supercharger waaaaay down the road. So my question is can it be done? new short block and heads with a cobra intake without converting.
  2. I think you can. I hear people getting heads and intake on their speed density stangs with good results.

    hopefully someone else can shed some light on this matter.

    good luck :flag:
  3. man i hope i can, how much did it cost some of you guys to convert to mass? also with the addition of a Cobra Intake and new Heads, am i still good running stock fuel pump and 19 lb injectors as well as stock igntion setup?
  4. Yes you will have to convert to MAF. I just did the same thing your doing about 6 months ago, Edelbrock Performers, 306, but I already had a cam and intake. The car didn't run very well in first and second, then it would pick up in the rest of the gears. I did the MAF conversion 2 weeks ago, and its the best thing I've ever did. Car runs great, idle has droped down and is rock solid(you can hear the cam really well now, sounds extremely mean). The conversion is easier than you would have ever of thought. Get a A9L computer and meter, and but a wiring harness from IS&T that goes from the meter to the computer. Has great instructions, extra wire and computer connectors. Be sure to soder all the connections and splices. Its a piece of cake. By the way my car is an 88' too.