will i notice a difference with dynamat

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  1. hey im thinking about buying the extreme bulk pack soon (36 sq ft) i was just wondering if i did the trunk and the 2 doors if i would notice a difference, you can see what i have in my sig. also if i do this how much of the system will it take to do the doors and the trunk each ... like it says 5ft for the doors on average but is this accurate or will i need a little more, same question with the trunk. basicley would you say there is enough to do the car (being the doors and the trunk), more than enough, or not enough?

    im not really interested in the other cheeper products because of their smell, and many other reasons but really i like to have the best and a little extra cost dosnt bother me (and you can get the bulk pack for only 115 after shipping on e-bay)

    also can someone post pictures, tips and tricks on the process? ive seen some trunk lids only about half covered (the center of the trunk lid) and others with the entire thing done... which way is the correct way? also do i really need the heat gun with the extreme dynamat? ive heard its pliable enough that you only need it on the origional stuff
  2. I used to have dynamat in my 67 (not for the stereo mind you) any way it was nice and I dont remember how much, but it blocked a lot of the outside noise.
    In my 03 I used 3 gallons of the paint stuff (for the stereo) and it rocks, it tightens up the bass a bit and lessens the rattling dramatically. I'm sure dynamat would have done the same thing, but its such a pain to install.
  3. I have dynamat extreme on my doors, floor, entire trunk, under rear seat, and rear speaker enclosures. It makes a huge difference, the only bad thing is that its kinda expensive. To answer your question, no you dont need a heat gun with dynamat extreme, you just need a good roller. Dont get a cheap roller (I made the mistake of getting a small wooden wallpaper roller, broke after like 6 sq ft). The bulk pack is good, I dont even know how many sq ft I used in total, more than 36 though!

    Try looking around on some different internet retailers, you can look at www.etronics.com (because its cheap) and then go to www.sounddomain.com and they will price match for you.
  4. I've put sound deadening in my last three cars and will continue to do so in every car from here on out. The stuff works great. You can get dynamat if you'd like, but personally I think you're waaaay over paying. The stuff I use is called fatmat. It sticks great and the little bit of smell that it does have is gone in no time.
  5. I just put some dynamat in my doors and trunk. It did make a difference on the amount of bass I heard coming from my sub, but it didnt really cut down on road noise. The bulk pack wasnt quite enough to finish off both doors and the trunk. I got both doors done and the floor, area over the wheels and some around the sides in the trunk. Didnt have enough to get the lid. It was a pretty easy install, just took awhile.