Will I regret??

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  1. My car is a highway cruiser...why does everyone say you will regret 4.10s on the highway? I sure as hell don't...:D

    Check My Garage for mods...gears is tops with all mods you see with cams a close second.
  2. I seriously got nearly the same SOTP feel from my 3.73's as I got from a 125 shot of nitrous. Nuff said. :)
  3. Was JW I'm thinking of some 4.10s sometime in the future but do they lower your top speed?? I have an 02 auto?? I don't drive a lot of highway but when I do I like to punch it up to 100 plus...onloy on wide open stretches...will they inhibit that at all? What about 3.73s? I'm going to stay NA
  4. I just had mine installed this morning. I went from 3.73's to 4.10's and to be honest thats probably the best move I have ever made.. the car came ALIVE!!!

  5. How much do gears usually cost to get installed?
  6. my 4.10s are sitting here waiting to be installed
    I think im doing it myself..
  7. I have heard from 200 to 500.. depends on the place doing it. I didnt have to pay this time because my mechanic wanted my 3.73's :D
  8. 200-500 for labor plus parts? So are looking at 400-800 for the whole set-up; parts and labor?
  9. parts and install i got mine done got 380
  10. I'm getting mine done soon. It's going to run me $400 parts & labor.
  11. I just had mine done. $180 for the gears, $100 for the total install kit, $10 for the gear lube, and $260 for the labor. Total of $550. That was THE BEST $550 I HAVE SPENT ON MY CAR so far!
  12. Check your local ford dealer....I paid $390 from them
  13. Man 3:55's are as low as you should go. 4:10's are just crazy.