Will I still pass? hmm....

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  1. Hey guys, I'm having quite a bit of trouble on deciding what I should do. Basically I need to pass emissions but I'm afraid I'll fail and blow another 30$.
    I'm getting a P1518 (IMRC stuck open) code and I'm not really sure how to go about fixing it since I have no idea whether it's the IMRC actuator, a broken cable, or anything else it might be.

    My question is: Can I pass emissions by disconnecting the battery right before I go into the testing facility and/or erase the codes with my OBD?

    I have a feeling they're machines will still pull the P1518 code and I will still fail.
    Has anyone tried this before and it worked for them? Or am I looking at hours of work trying to fix my IMRC?
  2. Bump.

    Really need some advice here guys. I'm weeks past registration and don't really have the money to bring it in to the dealer.
  3. Ok, here is what I think. Sorry I did not get around to replying sooner. Disconnecting the battery to erase codes ... sure it will remove all codes. And it takes the computer a few passes sometimes to register a code so that may give you some time. But, here is another thing. Where you reset the PCM (computer), it has to relearn some idle and air/fuel programming, so it may not be as efficient as a normal operating PCM. Another thing here, even if the computer has not flagged a Check Engine code and set the Light, it still may detect a problem and show up in memory when the emissions run a systems scan. Just because the light dont turn on, dont mean it's not there. I know, codes no matter how small (eg.. a fuel door open code) can still make you fail an emissions test, Codes are usually automatic fails. I know, it's friggin dumb.

    Your best bet.. pull the IMRC actuator and test it. It probably has some debris or varnish making it stuck open. Remove it and try cleaning it out with brake parts cleaner. It may only just be a solenoid that opens and closes like the Idle air solenoid. If you need helo testing it, and dont mind spending a little bit more time... i'll try. I've done so much over the years, Just ask.. and someone should chime in. I know, the V6 forums here are no where near as active as they once were like 5 years ago.
  4. Cool, thanks a lot man. Saved me 30 dollars I was about to waste on an emissions test. Hopefully I can pull the intake manifold later today and figure out what's wrong.