Will it be noticeable?

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  1. Okay...So I'm going to a Granada setup on my '66. I've picked up a pair of Maverick 14x6 steel wheels for the front, but was only able to get a pair of stock Mustang 5-bolt steel wheels (what are these 14x4.5 ?) for the rears. Either way, the Maverick wheels are slightly wider, and will have to go in the front because of the brakes.

    My stock 4-lug wheels have 195-75-14 tires on them which I'll just have switched over. So do you think it will be extremely noticeable that the front wheels are wider, even if I were to slap the wheelcovers on? This will just be for me to move the car around during the V8 swap, then to drive on when I have some body and paint work done.

  2. I dont think anyone will notice at first...especially if it's only temporary then I wouldnt worry about it.