Will Just Removing The Iac Require Resetting The Idle

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by from6to8, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Just a question because I bought a new IAC valve and my old one is probably still good and next week when I get back in town i might just put it back on and try. I was just wondering if just swapping out the motors will in fact change anything to where it will require an idle reset or adjustment?

    I have the idle set fine right now but I'm one that likes to not have a part sitting around if its still good and if so i can take the new one I bought back.
  2. nope, just swapping iac will not change your idle settings
  3. cool.
    tweaked the idle yesterday and drove it and it felt and responded fine, idled fine and i usually hate to mess with it once i have it like i want it but i figured just swapping back out wouldnt affect anything. I will still drive a few more days to see if it consistently does like it did yesterday and if so I willl at least know when i put back on the other one rather it is indeed bad or not
  4. You have a set up similar to where Im headed with my car. Can you tell me about where you are RWHP wise? Thanks
  5. When i had the car tuned in 05 it put down right about 286-290. I b ack tghen was still a rookie in alot of ways and didnt know what all questions to ask, ect. I also had a few things with the car that could of been up to date and corrected. I have all of those things up to date now and I am curious as to how she will do now. Been talking to some guys about a mail order and also have considered the QH as well as a dyno tune but unsure as to which way i will go if any. It's driving well enough and I am to buy a new truck soon so not sure.