will Lincoln build this?

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  1. I guess it's based on the T-bird platform. I think it looks great, though I think they should work in small seats in back. Then just drop in the 300HP 4.6.

  2. It would be nice to do something with the Thunderbird chassis. The only problem is, if the T-bird didn't sell, I wonder if the Lincoln will? It is a cool looking ride though.

    Speaking of things that we would like to see. What ever happened to the Forty Nine?
  3. bah I dont like it. Too plain and the lines just arnt rite. If the t-bird didnt sell I highly doubt that thing will
  4. Ford's new US design cheif does not like the MK X and does not want to see it built.

    However I have seen several people report seeing the MK X on the road being tested prior to NAIAS. This is very unusual, most concepts are not running cars (or barely running cars, like the 427). To be road testing the MK X prior to NAIAS says that it is more than a concept, its a running production prototype.

    My guess is that the logic for the MK X is as follows:

    1. Lincoln needs some sort of sporty halo car to combat the press Caddy is getting with its XLR.

    2. With the T-Bird going away at the end of 2005, the MK-X which is really a re-bodied T-Bird is a good way to get a couple more years out of the tooling and production line they built at Wixom to make the T-Bird. That is, there is little new investment required to build the MK-X so they could actually make some money on it even if they only sell 15,000 / year of them.
  5. Yeah, it looks done and ready to go. I like the lines except for the rear, which isn't great.
  6. i tell ya that reminds me of my favorite old boat the 1964 lincoln continental...if they made it a 4 door with the suicide doors i'd buy on tomorrow!black of course.
  7. the Forty-Nine would out sell the MK X for sure. I wish they'd produce it!
  8. I think that is in direct competition with the new cadillac and mercedes sports coupes.

    I would buy one, if funds allow.
  9. I don't like it. I think the Thunderbird looks better. The design seems uninspired. If there going to build a Mark or Thunderbird. I would rather see a 2 door 4 passenger sports coupe. And it better not be slab sided like the last bird. Put some styling touches in there somehow. Some body lines at least.
  10. It is interesting but reminds me a little too much of the MarkVIII concept from a few years back... Plus if it runs the Thunderbird/ LS platform, then the 4.6 won't fit.