Suspension Will Lowering Springs Always Require Caster Camber Plates?

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  1. Well unfortunately the previous owner did a fine job jerry rigging things and he also opted to have a hood scoop that slams cold air, snow, ice, etc right into the carb. Anyway to help this big :nono:?
  2. The rivet position yours are in are the same as mine originally were. I dont know enough to tell you if the top of the shock mount is swollen, missing something or just a different design.... if all else is the same you will have enough shift to have an great alignment.
  3. You are saying that if I wanted to change the camber angle that I would have a great alignment correct? If I did decide to kick it over one more rivet hole how would I go about doing it?
  4. You'd drill out the rivets, move the plates, then install screws and nuts. You'd be left with a half-jacked alignment and a mushy rubber mount that still allows the strut to move around several degrees as its loading changes. Get c/c plates.
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  5. yes, I do think so...take weight off wheel (to make next steps easy and not stress anything _ alignment machines have those swivel wheel plates...) drill out rivet, loosen nuts -not much- just enough to, slide over to next rivet hole or two, tighten nuts put in rivet, the two bolts are in slots, the single bolt is pivot. a big screw driver in the bolt slot will help move - dont bend your strut... it will also change your toe so have adjust it next, youll need to get proper alignment degree to get toe right, that I dont have - i know folks make a simpletool with right angle shelf bracket and yard stick or similar, can someone give input on this method?

    thats why I use alignment shop 50 bucks to get it right vs worn tires and poor handling...
  6. I really think MFE92 is right based on what ur pictures show...was trying to help you save $
  7. Will do
  8. You should get the car aligned after the springs are installed.
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  9. Most definitely will
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