Will Magnaflow X w/cats give me drone?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Red Dragon, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. I am on the edge of ordering a Magnaflow X pipe with cats, but I don't want the dreaded drone at 65 mph in 5th gear. My cat-back will remain stock for now. From what I have gathered from previous posts, it is the cat-back that determines the drone? Please let me know ASAP, as I would like to order one soon.

    If it makes any difference, I have the 2v KB blower.

    Thanks all.
  2. Any aftermarket exhaust will give you some sort of drone.
  3. I have the Magnaflow X-w/cats and the Magnaflow
    Catback. No drone. Yes, it is louder at speed, but
    quite acceptable and not a drone. When I had Flowmaster mufflers the drone killed me--so I replaced them with the Magnaflow. I like the X a lot.
  4. I have the Magnaflow x w/cats and the Magnapack cat back. It is louder at around 2200, but only if you are on the gas. Ease up a little, and it goes away. Or get gears and be higher in the rpm range. It is not loud though, my son travels with me all the time and we can talk with no problems.
    The drone is much worse with other brand cat backs. I believe the mufflers make the most difference. Avoid the chambered muffs. The Packs are straight through.
    Good luck.
  5. I know my O/R X-Pipe with magnapacks really doesnt drone to bad, so i wouldnt expect a x-pipe with cats too. Than again my cars loud all the time :shrug:
  7. Packs and catted X here, drone at ~2000 RPM. It's really bad in 5th.
  8. I have a Bassani Catted X with stock catback here with no drone at all so I would think that you'd be safe with the catted X from Magnaflow. When you add an aftermarket catback (other than FRPP) you will most likely add at least some drone at the ~2k rpm mark.
  9. I had a mild drone @ 2000rpm w/my cat back. Added the Magnaflow X w/cats and it pretty much smoothed it out. Hwy is fine too.
  10. I'm also on that edge of ordering. Rumor has it that pricing will be increasing around December 15th or so. Don't know how valid that is, but I was planning the order through PartShopper anyway to take advantage of the 5% and free shipping. :nice:
  11. i think the price already went up. the x pipe was $350 now its $399 :(
  12. I paid $380 shipped ($399 with 5% discount and free ship) through PartShopper like 2 months ago. When was it $350? :doh:
  13. I paid $380 plus shipping early this year. No drone to speak of. When I had a GT5.0 with FlowMasters, that sucka droned!
  14. I have the magnaflow catted x w/ borla catback and I love the sound no drone at all compared to my previous set up, which was flowmasters and stock h-pipe. the x-pipe has a higher pitch sound which roars at wot :D vs. the h-pipe that had more of deep rumble, chevy truck sound (cause every chevy truck around here has em'!)...I think the magnaflow is one of the best x's made period. :nice:
  15. WARNING: OFF-THE-TOPIC POST: Sorry for being off the topic entirely.

    I've followed your posts regarding you Kenne Bell supercharger-> very informative. Did you get internal engine mods for your 9psi supercharger? Would you be concerned if you put in a 12psi pulley (with intercooler)? Just curious-> it's what I'll be running soon; also. what oil do you use? I've switched to 5W-30(Mobile 1) already.

    Thanks in advance, Andy
  16. I paid $390 just a few weeks ago. At the shop, no shipping.
  17. Until I can get the EGR problem fixed, I will not think of going past the current 9# pulley. I am also running a little too lean in the cold which is causing some detonation issues. So, in a nutshell, no I will not go to more boost yet. I still don't know for sure who "owns" the two problems I have (Ford or Kenne Bell). This is making it hard for me to get the problems resolved. I have an 11# pulley, but I have never put it on. If I where you, I would start at 9#s, get it running good, then jump up to 12#. Be sure to have the boost-a-spark for the 12# pully as well to prevent spark blow-out. With that said, be sure to check with KB to be sure that a chip programmed for 9#s can be used for a 12 # pulley. If it does not, then you may have to go directly to 12 #s to prevent you from having to spend money for a chip re-burn.

    My internals are still stock. I think the engine can handle 9#s of boost as long as one stays out of detonation land and does not do a lot of high RPM driving. The car is very fun to drive even if one does not see 6,000 rpms because the boost starts low. This is great for street driving.

    I switched over to Mobile 1 before the blower install as well.

    Good luck, you will love the blower.
  18. You will get drone with light throttle around 2000-2200 RPMs, 5th is the worst cruising at 75-80. Its worth it to me, I think the Magnapacks have less drone than the Magnaflows. I have ridden in cars with both mufflers and catted X pipes. I have not heard one with just the midpipe though.