Will my amps get too hot?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by 281pony, May 18, 2005.

  1. i am putting a rear seat delete in my 88 hatchback. there will just be open space under the seat, and instead of dropping my amps in with plexi-glass, i was just going to secure them underneath the open area of the seat.

    there will still be "some" ventilation, but nothing like out in the open. will this work ok or do you stereo experts think they will get too hot? i dont listen to music that loudly to push them really or have them on for extended periods of time. maybe listen to it at 8 of 50 on my deck consistantly for an hour tops.

    they are rockford fosgate amps if that matters. one is running 2 6x9's, and one is running a 10" sub. thanks.
  2. no, you should have no problem at all.
  3. My rockfords get HOT. I had to add fans and some more vent holes to stop them from overheating.

    However, I was running them kind of hard, and for long periods. Probably 50-75% volume.

    But if you are really not stressing the amps, then they should be ok. Try it out, if they start to overheat then by a little fan and create some air movement.
  4. You may have a problem, if you do, just get some computer fans (small 12v) and mount them so they blow air onto the amp. Thats what I had to do cause my audiobahn amps kept overheating