Will newer 1999-2004 mustang seats fit a 1995 GT Convertible?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by anppilot, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Hey folks. I just picked up a white 1995 GT ragtop for $2200.

    I've had a 1996 GT and a 1998 Cobra in the past. This time I was staying away from the modular motors. Parts are cheap for the 5.0.

    Anyway, this is my new and final baby. I paid cash and no one can take it away (repo) from me. LOL

    It's a project in the works. It needs serious paint and body work, interior and a little engine work.

    I have used Dupli-Color spray paint in the past to resore interiors before with much success. I repainted the whole interior minus the seats so far and it is beautiful.

    THUS, my question. At the junkyards, 1994-1998 seats are pretty ragged out, but sometimes you can find a decent set. But the newer 1999-2004 seats are in not to bad shape and sometimes excellent.

    I currently have a black leather interior in my '95 GT convertible and I am wondering if I can find a black leather seats from a 99-04, will it fit in my 95?

    And if so, I have power seats and will the connections mate up? or will I have to do some serious splicing?

    Thanks in advance

  2. The seats will all interchange from 79-04, but most likely you'd have to do some splicing, in order to use the newer seats in your car. If I'm not mistaken, the seatbelt buckle is attached to the newer seats, versus on the floor. I'm not certain if that was only specific years, or all of the 99-04 models.
  3. Thats cool. I do avionics and aircraft maintenance for a living.

    But whats the deal with the mounting of the belt? I'm trying to understand you. If it is mounted to the seat, is it the same recepticle and just needs to be unmounted from the 99-04 seat and installed to the floor on my 95? If thats the case, so so simple.

    And for the wiring, all I need is a wiring print of both years.

  4. seatwiring.jpg

    I cut the connectors on mine though. And just crimped (on 03 cobra seats ymmv) the 2 green wires on the seat to the power wire from the car. And crimped the 2 ground wires. I did use spade connectors so I could unplug the seats for removal.
  5. Thanks guys. Gotta love this forum.
  6. 99-04 belt buckle will not accept 94-95 seat belt. You'll have to remove buckle on 99-04 seats and use your 94-95 buckle that's on your center console. newer model seats does make the car more comfortable but I didn't splice mine. I'm still looking for a manual track that will fit my 03 seats.