Will not buy Fox Lake products again

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  1. Not so sure about the P-51 intake

    I just dropped $1600 for a P-51 and valve covers from Fox Lake. Granted the intake did improve power (no dyno sheet yet). But aside from that it was a very bad experience. Their install instructions suck big time. You have to print them out yourself. They also claim that it fits under a stock hood. It does but it warps the hood on the passenger corner above the headlight. it also puts a mark on top of the intake and inlet tube. You would think that when buying a $1300 intake that you would get decent instructions with it. They also changed the oil fill neck to the drivers side so without looking at the bolt pattern I tried to install the the wrong valve cover. No do***ention whatsoever. If I had known that it was going to be like this I would have never bought from them. Their stuff looks nice and most likely does what it says but it sucks aside from that. Just so I am CLEAR, I am not knocking how their stuff works, I am upset about FALSE ADVERTISING. BOTTOM LINE is they should say that you should get a new hood but you can use the stock one if you dont mind a rub mark and they SHOULD say something about switching the oil filler neck so idiots like me know whats going on from the get go.

    Talked to Ron at Fox Lake and he said people are cutting holes in thier hood to make it fit and that it is not his problem it is Fords problem because there can be .5" difference in how high the engine mounts. Instead of trying to help he hung up on me. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!
  2. I heard before that the intake won't fit under the stock hood.
  3. yeah same here, there is not that much room under the stocker
  4. yeah i thought it was known that it does fit under the stocker but very tightly and a aftermarket hood is suggested. As for the valve cover...most want the oil fill relocated to the drivers side to not interfere with aftermarket cai/intakes etc. You have to remember you are buying aftermarket equipment and sometimes they fit differently on different cars.

    I am interested in seeing a dyno with the P51 intake, are you NA or Blown?
  5. I am NA. And yes I understand that I am buying aftermarket parts. All the other parts that I have bought come with do***ention. These are really the first "big" parts I have bought so I am kinda new to this, I understand more how things work now.
  6. its a learning process :shrug:

    you have any pics of the set up? Hows the intake feel? I hear its about the same then picks up after 3000 rpms.
  7. what kind of improvements in power....i realize it's all sotp judgement right now...but would you say it's a worthwhile mod if staying n/a?
  8. I cant say for sure. I 'felt' an increase in power but havent had it dynoed yet. There was a guy on modulardepot.com that had a dyno sheet showing that he lost power. So with that said I am not sure. I would have to see some more numbers first.
  9. Well according to Fox Lake it should be good for about 8 to 12 HP across the power band :shrug:
  10. It's really not good to bad mouth a company all over the internet. :notnice:
  11. I Am Not Slamming Fox Lake People!!!!!!

    ok Jim Im going to break it down one time because I am tired of trying to explain it to people who only glance through posts instead of READING them. I am NOT bad mouthing them. I am saying that they should change their advertising. If they had said that there was a possibility it might not fit under a stock hood, I would have waited but their website specifically says that 'it will fit under a stock hood'. I spoke with the owner and after he hung up on me once I found out that people have had to cut their hoods to make it fit. I guess it has to do with the way Ford mounted the engines. But I cant see how Ford can be blamed for Fox Lakes advertising. If you dont agree that their advertising is faulty that is great for you. The intake works great it just doesnt fit and I am sure you would be upset if your hood was warped by a product that was advertised to fit under the stock hood. My hood is pushed up about .25" on the passenger side right above the headlight. That bugs me.
  12. I read the total thread on Modular DePot and here in StangNet. This should have been handled privately with Fox Lake rather than by posting all over the internet. When you do that, you are clearly trying to damage their business. I can't blame them for hanging up on you.
  13. If he doesnt post it all over the E net, everyone else that buys the intake may be at the same risk. THATS WHY YOU POST IT. Dang people THINK. :nonono:
  14. You don't post in this manner. YOU think.
  15. I dont like the looks of it , but thats just me ....IMO..............
  16. :shrug: What manner? :scratch: What I said is backing him up to inform the public of bad advertisement. You for some reason dont want foxlake to get a bad rap. You got some deal with them? Look, if their product doesnt do EXACTLY as advertised, he has every right to tell us and anyone else. Its called helping your fellow stangers out and letting them know that it may not fit. I for 1 appreciate this info, and I would be mad as heck too. Spend $1300 on something, it ought to fit PERFECTLY with no issues. Then to have the owner hang up...thats BAD buisness, that is no way to run a CO., the customer is always right and you do whatever is in your power to make them happy. After hearing how they treated him, no matter how rude, then just say its fords problem. I also WILL NOT be dealing with them. Customer service is just about as important as the product. JLT and MPH are prime examples of how you SHOULD run a buisness. The owners of those places actually care about the individual buyers.
  17. I appreciate him posting this, if I was in the market I would want all info possible before I dropped the cash.
  18. it is nice to see that atleast a few people actually UNDERSTAND what I am saying. I too would want as much info as I could get before dropping a bunch of money like I did. I looked and didnt find a whole lot. I would recommend this intake to someone who has an aftermarket hood if it wasnt for the extremely poor customer service. Oh well. I hope that this will help more people decide what they want.
  19. Sounds like the only thing lacking was technical ability and the ability to understand and follow instructions...
  20. Hey thanks for posting and allowing the rest of us to know that with a stock hood there could be issues.