Will not buy Fox Lake products again

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Nates02GT, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. I'm with Nates02GT. I thought these forums were to assist other with their own trials and what to do and not to do. He explained himself and the problems. If you feel as though his opions are wrong or you had a good experience then post. But to say him bashing a company on the internet is bad doesn't make no sense to me. To spend $1300 for 8-10HP and not have it fit as described would piss me off too. Just my .02

  2. I think the thread is appropriate b/c the user posted his experience, problems etc and gave details. It was not a simple so-and-so shop sucks thread. Nothing wrong with posting this. It will be well balanced by positive threads for Fox Lake.
  3. Exactly now go by this Riechard Racing one :nice: Looks better too :rlaugh:

  4. first off, i love the looks of the p 51. its so ugly it looks bad ass. i will get one once i see more info on it providing the advertised gains.

    this guys is totally in the right to tell of his experiances. he just had bad experiance dealing with foxlake. doesnt mean everyone will, but he did. hes just letting us know what his experiance was. i just recently bought foxlake stage 2 heads and they did custom grind cams for me. i ordered cometic head gaskets from them as well. i dealt with ron and he was great for me. he always called back if i left him a message. he got my heads and cams done quickly, sent them out by the time we agreed on. i called him back with a couple of questions, that he call me and gave me the answers.

    so my experiance was good. i also thought that you needed aftermarket hood for the p 51. :shrug: i have one so it dont matter. i dont like the fact that ron hung up on a customer. like i said its just a situation that is good to be informed about. my experiance was good. then again the heads are not installed yet :D
  5. Just for clarification did you talk to Ron before or after you posted your threads here and on MD? The impression that I got from your other thread is that you had not talked to them at all before posting. :shrug:
  6. $1300 for an intake? Whew. Most guys are running serious numbers with an Accufab or a C&L. I don't see spending that much money on an intake that flows only moderately over the 2 forementioned intakes. Port any one of the other 2 and you have a nice flowing intake. That money could have bought you alot of other go fast goodies including cams.
    But yeah, nothing makes you madder than when you spend a lot of money for some **** that doesn't fit or work properly :fuss: There's nothing like poor customer service from those bastards either. They are big and bad and talk **** over the phone. Make you wish them sum*****ez would talk that **** to your face... :chair:
    Go to every mustang website you can find and spread the word about how ****ty they are :nice:
  7. as some have stated these boards are for people to let others know of what has happed with products and experiences. They will help you make good informed decesions about a product you will buy. No doubt that you did the same. You heard good things from most and purchased the FoxLake. I don't know anyone there and don't use their parts but I am sure that the conversation had more to it than what you wrote in 4 lines. It sounds to me, and I may be wrong, that you went gung ho and didn't read everything completely to begin with. This should have and could have been handled with Fox Lake in a reasonable manner. Then you may be posting the same problem you have and how Fox Lake worked with you to make it right . If many people have the problem that you do and it is a real problem, Fox Lake would not have been around for you to purchase your intake. Also , a couple of years ago there were no real intakes and people were screaming for them. Now , you we have a few and this is what is happening. If there is a fitment problem with stock parts, make the adjustment and go on with the installation. BTW, The Accufab, C&L don't have the problems you describe, I'll swap you mine for your Fox Lake POS and pay the shipping both ways. :rolleyes:
  8. For clarification, I talked to Ron after I posted, simply because people told me that I should. I didnt figure that there was anything that Fox Lake could do. The intake was on, it wasnt coming back off. Im not going to ask for a new hood so what is the point in calling IMO. Aside from fitment it worked as described. I will try to take a picture of my hood and post it.

    As far as my conversation with Fox Lake, it wasnt much more than I described aside from him telling me that someone had called him about what I had posted. Then I tried to explain to him that I wasnt 'bashing' his product. I was giving it a fair shake, I laid out both the good and bad. I also offered to help him make the 'instruction manual' better which he refused. I also told him that I didnt expect him to do anything for me as there wasnt much that could be done. After that he told me that he didnt really have anything more to say and we ended the conversation. It was not a heated angry conversation whatsoever. As I said in the MD thread I could have used a different title. That is the only thing that I would change aside from possibly calling Fox Lake first. But I also believe that if they really stood behind their product and believed in it, they would have reacted more positively to try and remedy the problem even if it was a simple, 'im sorry, I havent heard of anyone else having that problem'. Instead they blame it on Ford. Ford didnt write their advertisement as far as I know. I will say it again. My problem isnt with their intake but with their ADVERTISEMENT.
    As far as the Accufab and C&L intakes, I didnt know they made intake manifolds for the 4.6L. In fact I just checked C&L's website and dont see one so you must have a special edition or something like that. I already have the C&L INLET TUBE AND MAF as well as the ACCUFAB THROTTLE BODY. And no even if they did make intake manifolds, I wouldnt swap, its too much work. Lastly, as I have said what feels like a million times. THE P-51 IS AWESOME but not as advertised. CMON people, learn how to READ.
  9. cnl and accufab don't make intakes, just uppers....some people don't know what they are talking about. Don't feel bad about what you wrote. It was your experience and your entitled to write about it. Some of the people who post on these forums are racers and deal with some companies in a different manner then you and I so they think a negative opinion could hurt their friends but in fact its just your opinion on how the product worked on your particular application. Thanks for your write up...it may help someone to order a hood before the intake in the future.
  10. thanks for the post Nate. There is absolutely no reason why you should get bashed for posting your experience and honest opinion.
  11. I dont feel bad, its just agravating that people try to twist what I am trying to convey to be something completely different. Oh well I guess thats just the way it works huh?
  12. Sorry about the problems you are having with the P-51. This is just a part of real life. We buy lots of things, products for our homes, cell phones, tools, car parts. When these things don't do what is advertised, we get pissed off. Thanks for the info and sticking to your guns. This forum is a perfect outlet for this type of information. Pearl02.
  13. It's just that all of the vendors keep an eye on these sites and even sell their products on these sites. So when someone posts about their product and says anything other than "It was the uber intake manifold"! They get pissed off, kinda reminds me of a certain case with AMPerformance in Phoenix...
  14. Here is the root of the reason why you are getting so much flack here and over at MD. It probably would have been better if you had called Fox Lake before you started posting negative threads. You didn't even give them a chance to try and make things right. I can definitely understand your point but, I can also see why they reacted as they did.

    By the same token I do agree that they should not advertise that it fits under stock hoods as I have seen threads here and at MD where people have stated that the P51 does rub on stock hoods.

    I am sure your intentions were good but, I just think it could have been handled a little better :nice:
  15. You are correct, C&L does not make a lower intake, just upper plenum and that with the factory lower is what I referred to. Maybe wasn't worded correctly. You are not the first or last to make a post like this. And you post certainly did not read, P51 IS AWSOME BUT LISTEN TO WHAT HAPPENED. The truth is in the middle somewhere.
  16. wow, so a stock the stock intake manifolds flows at much as a after market intake with bigger ports, etc etc. :lol: right :rlaugh:

    I have seen the p51 fit underneath a stock hood without any problems.

  17. did you talk to them about the possibility of it rubbing your hood before you bought it and did you ask others of any problems they may have had with the intake??....it isnt your fault by any means, but as a customer, it is your job to do your research ....my vortech blower leaves a rub mark on the underside of my hood and hopefully it wont warp it, but im not going to complain, because it is just felt that is being rubbed...

    i do understand what you are saying about the false advertisement(research wouldve helped find any problems people were having) and the point that they just hung up on you...

    there seems that there are 2 solutions if you want to keep the intake manifold....get a new hood or lower the motor mounts...

    good luck with everything, hopefully everything will work out
  18. i dont think lover understands the t/b and plenum will have it's limits once the air enters the intake manifold(porting it wont be near as great as the flow on the p51)

    for flow....i would love to see the numbers of the stock manifold on a car with a blower compared to the P51 manifold on a car with blower..i know the P51 would murder the stocker
  19. dyno for NA and Blown on website.
    http://foxlake.accrisoft.com/index.php?src=news&prid=44&category=Front Page

    also a comparison in a recent MMFF, p51 was good for @50rwhp on a blown gt.