Will not buy Fox Lake products again

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Nates02GT, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Also I would like to say that I love my P51 and Ron at Foxlake was awesome to deal with!!!!!!! :damnit:
  2. Hmm... I wonder if it fits under a 99-01 Cobra hood or will it too rub??
  3. the 04 v6 has the same hood also
  4. Yeah but then Id get *****ed out by others if I would have typed that... Its not like I would have cared anyways. Besides, I got that "v6" hood on my current stang ;)
  5. I did not know that it didnt fit under the stock hood so I am glad you posted this, cuz now I know of the possable problems with it! Thanks
  6. Ok after reading the post i found two posted solutions:

    1) aftermarket hood-300/600 bucks
    2) lower/cut engine mounts

    I am in the process of swapping in p&p heads/cams and purchasing the P-51 intake as a nice add on. Would anybody know if i can buy aftermarket engine mounts that would lower the engine.I don't like the idea of "cutting" them. I imagine it would be easier to fix with the motor still out of the doghouse compared to trying to solve the clearance issue with the engine back in the car.

    Also thank you for the information because i did not even think twice about the fitment after reading their site about it.
    http://www.foxlakeracing.com/index.php?submenu=Intake_Manifolds&src=news&prid=44&category=Front Page

    Still mucho respect for Fox lake coming out with the ugliest, 5.0 lookin 4.6 2v intake..that thing is so awesome looking.
  7. I understand the want for a aftermarket intake for both the looks and the improvement over the stock one but.......if the P51 only gives around 8-12 hp I can't see spending 1300 bucks on it :shrug: . I would have to say buying a PI intake or a bullitt intake and haveing a little port work done would be as good if not better than the P51 not counting the money that would be saved. I am NOT downing the P51 I am just saying for me, that the increase in power is not enough for the large price tag that the product carrries, I've seen used bullitt intakes on e-bay for $375 :D and add in a couple hundred for a GOOD port job and you have a intake equal or better than the P51 and saved a lot of cash in the process. Unless you are dead set on a aftermarket piece I would ( and will go with a worked bullitt).
  8. 2 words- reichard racing
  9. Nothing wrong with posting on your experience with this company. What else are supposed to do when you have tried all reasonable avenues when dealing with them and nothing works. I hate when people assume that you didn't try to work it out privatively first.
  10. I appreciate your post. Freedom is one great thing we have in the U.S. and i have no problem with your post. I actually want to thank you because i have some friends that might have run into this problem and it probabaly will help there decision hearing from a fellow enthusiest. I think more people should speak up and make these buisnesses accountable. In the world of aftermarket there is not enough info to make decisions on these products and thats why i enjoy these forums. I can speak with owners of the products that have real life experience with them. Thank you for speaking your mind. :flag:

    As for the buisness reacting the way they did... If what you describe is how everything actually happened then that is really poor.... I would never no matter what speak to a customer like that and hanging up on a customer is completely out of the question. Being that said, though me and others should not base our opinions on one individuals testimony , it takes one to make two and two to make three, so every opinon counts.

  11. i have a 01 gt with a procharger on it and i put the p-51 on it and i didnt make any power. i called them up and he said i must have put it on wrong and thats all he had to say, If I could do it agian i would buy a plenum and throttle body, oh yeah and the instructions suck!
  12. you didn't make anymore on the dyno or you didn't feel anything? what are current mods and hp? before and after tests?
  13. Thanks for post your problem Nate - its good to know the intake may not fit under the stock hood. :nice:
  14. let me get this straight. You put on an after market intake manifold that has been proven by multiple people to make power on a stock car, has bigger runners, flows more cfm and your car didnt make any more power.

    tuner or operator error is the only answer.
  15. There is deffinately more to the story. Another post that leaves way to much info out.
  16. well some cars flat out do not make power when modded.its rare but it happens.
  17. Stop protecting Fox Lake


    If that jerk off hung up on you, then I don't blame you for being upset. There is too much competition for them to treat you like that. If they want to lose customers and get a bad rap then fine, otherwise, they should do whatever they can to help. If that is how they treat their customers I would not buy CRAP from them. Hopefully, they will lose enough customers to go out of business. :bs:
  18. Why don't you wait and see what the whole story is. This crap alredy started like this once before. We don't know the whole story at all. someone posted no power and the guys at Fox LAke wouldn't do anything. That may be completely true, but I will bet there was a little more said.
  19. I heard the whole story

    I heard what he said from the beginning, they falsely advertised. Now his hood is fu**** up and they won't do anything about it, except blame Ford and hang up on him. What else do I need to know?

    I do know enough that I wouldn't buy anything from those dumb rednecks!
  20. They fit under the stock hood. I have seen them under the stock hood on other cars even a stock hood in THEIR SHOP. 99-01 Car.

    Its not Ron's fault(Fox Lake) that Ford changed their engine mounds, hoods or hood mounting brackets.