Will not buy Fox Lake products again

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  1. I was referring to post number 51 as well. I never said that the guy that started the thread didn't have a problem. He just handled it incorrectly from the start IMO. Those intakes are fitting under most hoods with no problems at all. The post in # 51 states that he is SC , switched to Fox lake and saw no gains. He called and they said he installed wrong. I say, there may be a little more to it. I even asked for before and after numbers. They weren't provided.
    Back up your accusation, with a little evidence and I have no problems with it. Most every other car tested with SC and P51 showed gains over stock intake and plenum.
  2. the first time i had i tuned with just the procharger it made 375hp 389tq then i added bassani headers, bassani x pipe, magnaflow catback, afm powepipe, bbk 75mm throttle body, and the p-51 intake. the first pull on the dyno it made like 365hp, after the tuner messed with it for a while he got it back up to 383hp but i eneded up losing a little bit of tq. the tuner said the he also had the same problem on an N/A car were there shop put the intake on and couldn't make any power with it, so theres two of them that haven't made s**t for power
  3. buy one if you think its so great, and if you dont have quit backing up fox lake because you obviously dont know what your talking about
  4. what? what car do you have that u put down 375hp with just a pro chamber? 03 cobra?

    so not only did the p51 make no power, but neither did the x pipe, headers, power pipe, t/b, or the catback. somthing is very wrong there. that is impossable.
  5. You say I'm backing up Fox Lake. I want the whole story. That is all, before someone bashes any company. You, your tuner or someone has something wrong if there were no improvements and exaust added also. It does not add up.
  6. Well, I've heard mixed results with the P-51 intake, but I am glad you shared your results. I agree that no one should "bad mouth" sort of to speak a buisness over the internet, but at the same time you do feel as if you got shafted. I do also believe you should give a buisness a fair chance to fix things when they go wrong, especially when it comes to tricky situations like aftermarket intake manifolds for the 4.6ltr. since not too many people are "experts" in that area.

    On a side note, I will let you guys in on something. I'm awaiting the release of the aluminum lower intake for the 4.6ltr, which is being produced as we speak by High performance solutions. Yes, thats right, they're actually making the aluminum lower intake. I talked to the guy over the phone yesterday and got on the mailing list. From what he told me, the design is made for expansion. The bottom comes off easy for porting access, it's all aluminum, and it will accept any aftermarket intake elbow on the top of it. It can also accept the "cooling mod" lots of guys are talking about. Hopefully, this thing will make power. He also informed me it has internal surface space that is 3 times larger than stock, so it should flow pretty well.

    I'll try to get one, and do a before and after dyno runs with it. That is assuming Mike has his dyno now. I remember he was registered as an SCT tuner, and was in the process of getting a dyno machine. If he's got one, and I get this new intake, I'll do some testing with it and report back with the results. Basically put, we've waiting this long guys for some aftermarket intake options, so be patient with everyone in the process.
  7. So you added all these parts and only made 383rwhp? yeah its the intake :rolleyes: . OHH and a car at the same shop couldnt make any more?

    Its either your car,TUNER or installer.
  8. He said procharger(thats a supercharger)

    Did you loose boost? Unfortunatly air flow is good if you can push it. If not you will loose a little HP and torque. You can pulley down and get more power but you are already on the edge if your motor is not built. :shrug:
  9. the powerpipe made up for the 2#s of boost that you lose with the intake so the boost stayed the same which was between 10-11 #s, the intake flows more air than the stock put there is something with the runners were it loses velocity
  10. hey if intake is so great put it on your car, but for the time being i am going to say it isnt worth $500 let alone $1300, thats what forums are for to put in your opinion
  11. if your so smart and you spent all that money on a motor and your only making 309hp i would be pissed if i were you, more flow doesn't always mean more power
  12. If your engine is flowing better it is not lossing velocity. If you were loosing velocity, you would see a back up in pressure and more boost. Flow and velocity go hand and hand. Now CFM and velocity can vary.

    I will be putting the intake on my car one day down the road. You are retarded I put down on that dyno sheet 309 on a tune that my car was sputtering, missing and wasnt running well. Stock shortblock and all.

    Dont assume **** like a dumbass. I think I have another one for the ignore list.
  13. I'll reserve my judgement. There is always two sides to a story.
  14. ive also seen it under a stock 02 gt hood. and i picked up alot of hp..
  15. you are a moron, CFM is the measurement of flow, so shut the **** up because you dont know what your talking about, your probably just pissed off because you have way to much money stuck into your slowass car, if i were as dumb as you i would probably just shoot myself!
  16. God almighty, this is one of those threads you wish you never posted in to begin with. I see this thing getting locked down very soon.

    Just one final comment on cfm air-flow. Just because something appears to flow more accordingly to a cfm measurement, doesn't mean it will make more power. Remember, you can flow 1,000 cfms of air through an intake, but if the motor is only going to flow 200cfms at a time, it won't do any good.
  17. i don't see how posting bad experience with some aftermarket product, and company here is bad mouthing the company. Its called freedom of speech.
    And as far as P-51 goes, ya I would expect decent instruction for $1300+. We all know Foxlake had prenty of time to write up decent instructions after so many delays. And after some test fitting on at least few test mules(i'm sure they test fitted the darn thing to few different cars), they would surely noticed that Ford isn't exactry known for their tight build tolorence. and some hood would interfear. And if they known that people did cut the hood to make room for it, then they are awere of clearance issues. So they could at least mention that may not fit under stock hood, due to Ford's loose build standard IMO
  18. For future reference you should buy with a credit card that has 100% fraud protection ......... when dealing with companies do it in writing and carbon copy it to the Better Business Bureau ..... let them know you cc it too ......

  19. jim sometimes you need too post this stuff on the internet so change happens.. i have never done buisness with fox lake. so i don't know either way.. but now i know that if somebody wants me too install this product that they may need too modify the hood. i am glad he posted this.

    somtimes i install parts for certian customers of mine.. and now i know that these intakes rub the hood and push it up..

    pushing the hood up a 1/4 inch is horrible fit.. thats not even really close too fitting the stock hood and it's false advertisment.
  20. somebody called fox lake too rat on you :rolleyes: some people feel they have too suck up too builders and tuners ..